Fate & Feelings

Fate & Feelings

Story 1

Ray and his date agreed to meet for the first time at Joe’s Crab Shack. Ray walked up to the bar, ordered a drink and took a seat. He believed he saw his date on the other side, but wasn’t sure if it was her. He spent the following ten minutes admiring her from afar and trying to discreetly get her eyes to meet his. Eventually, their glances met and they shared a brief smile. Ray got up and approached her.  Her lovely smell was the first thing he noticed. It was sweet and faint; just enough to draw him in for a hug, instead of a hand shake. His arms wrapped around her perfectly and strangely enough they fit each other well; a little too well…Ray’s manhood pressed up against the apex of her femininity as they shared a southern full bodied hug.Ray’s hands fell just above her protruding posterior and his date grabbed his back in the middle of his shoulder blades. The thinness of his slacks matched the thinness of her flowing tie-shoulder sundress. They should have felt awkward, but instead it felt good. They shared an inviting glance, then a chuckle as the waitress lead them towards their table on the patio. The hot day had been cooled by the rain. The loud pat, pat, patting on the metal awning forced them to speak directly at each others ears, not loudly, but just enough to be exclusively audible. The conversation between them flowed easily, like the rain falling overhead. Jokes and life inquiries preoccupied them, so much so that they forgot to look over the menu. The waitress gave them a few extra minutes and they ordered. Dinner was great. Neither of them wanted to move on from the moment as their dinner and drinks began to come to a close. The candor between them became somewhat of a competition, and they were both anxious to learn more about the other.  Unable to think of a way to transition into the next part of the date, Ray offered to follow her somewhere, anywhere that they could spend more time chatting. They ended up in front of ColdStone’s sitting on the trunk of
Ray’s car, staring up at the stars, and people watching. Ray inched his hand over to hers to play “fingers”. “Fingers” lead to them holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes. An inadvertent staring contest ensued and they shared a laugh as Ray won the first round.

“No fair…we have to do that again”

Her pouting was so cute that there was no way Ray could have denied a rematch.

“What do I get if I win again…?” Ray asked. Hoping to God she would say a kiss.

“don’t worry…you won’t win” she said as she let out a big laugh. Suddenly she turned to Ray and yelled “Go!” commencing the second round.  Ray’s mind was so focused on the kiss that he wanted so badly that he blinked. He tried to play it off but she caught it and immediately started celebrating. Ray folded his arms in faux anger as awaited the verdict.

“So what do I get?”

“I don’t know…whatever you want.”

“Ok…I know what I want. Stand up, put your hands behind your back, and close your eyes…”

“What?? That sounds weird, I don’t know about that…”

“Just do it…”

Ray reluctantly obeyed the commands. He clutched his wallet in the midst of the suspense and tried his best to not look un-trusting. After about a minutes time, Ray felt the softest kiss on his lips; so gentle and sweet. She grabbed a hold of his waist and pressed her body against his, returning them to that hug position they shared upon first meeting.  She put something in Ray’s hands. He couldn’t tell what it was, but whatever it was, was pretty thin and fit inside his palm.

“Don’t open your eyes yet” she said as she backed away. Ray was pretty sure his helmet was poking out for everyone to see but he didn’t care. He heard a car start, then she yelled “open them”. She blew him a kiss and waved as she drove away. Ray could only smile. He opened his hands to find a small set of thongs with SpongeBob print. He doubled over laughing as he remembered that they both admitted watching the show was a guilty pleasure. Ray had truly enjoyed himself. This date couldn’t have gone any better for him.

Verse 2

She had never felt more excited about a first date. She couldn’t explain the thoughts that were racing through her head. Her nerves were everywhere. She began to feel a tingle below her navel.

“Down girl…not yet”

A part of her wished that he would have hopped in his car and followed her home, but she also didn’t want to take it that fast. He seemed… different. Her previous experiences with online dating had been horrible. This had been her last shot. She really hadn’t planned on going anywhere that day…but her self proclaimed “love guru” of a home girl hacked into her online dating account while she was at work. By the time she had arrived home, her friend had already set up the date AND laid out her outfit.  The sun dress was cute and she didn’t feel like cooking. If she  hadn’t gone her friend would have never let her live it down.  Her friend lives above her and pops over whenever she feels like it. Lately her visits had included a lot of nagging about getting out of the house.

“I hope he don’t think I’m a hoe…”

Lauryn Hill’s “That thing” coming from her radio was making her think too much. She switched the station.


She could still taste the ice cream. She loved sweets. She kept replaying their hug over and over in her mind.  It had just felt so natural and sincere, like they were already an item, a couple, two people that missed each other all day; and that kiss. His lips just looked so inviting. It took every fiber of her being to pull away from him. She couldn’t believe that she had given him her SpongeBob panties. She had just bought those the day prior. That was definitely out of character for her. The whole day had been a out of her character.

“What is going on with me?”

She was beginning to like the person she was becoming.
She was almost home. She hated the stop light right before her building. It always took forever. She picked up her phone to call her friend and tell her how the date had gone. She wanted to get it out of the way so that maybe she could avoid her friend popping in on her that night.

“Hmm, when did I get this text”:
“You’re amazing….Can I come over????”

Verse 3

Ray got into his car and text her.

“You’re Amazing…can I come over????”

“I’m a guy…she gave me her panties. What was I supposed to do?”

Ray immediately regretted sending the text. It was a little too foreword. He had been jumping in bed with woman that he met from websites all too often. She was different. This was different. He actually felt something with her. Ray felt the same way he did when he was an elementary student and the girl he had a crush on kissed him on the cheek. He had that hard lump in his throat, the lump that felt like it started in your stomach and rose to it’s present location. It felt harder when he tried to swallow. This was really something.

She never responded to Ray’s text. He was both saddened and relieved.  He couldn’t get her off of his mind. He spent the next several hours pacing his apartment and sipping Chardonnay.

“Should I call her? Should I text again? Does she think I’m a creep?”

Around 12a Ray had finally sipped himself into a nice buzz. Just as he layed down and  could get his eyes closed good, his phone rang.

“No one calls me at this hour…”

Ray answered the phone without checking the number. He was hopping it was her.

“yo… wake your punk ass up…”

It was his line brother Jay.

“man what’s up I got work in the morning”

“so…don’t nobody care Mr. Corporate America. How did the date go? You get you some more ‘computer love’ hah ahhahah”

“Nope…we had dinner and ice cream and we left”

“Awwwww foolishness!!!”

“Whatever man…let me hit you in the a.m. bro I have a meeting first thing and then I…”

“Look I need you to be my wing man tonight. I met a PYT at Walgreens. She invited me to her spot but she says her cousin is visiting and needs someone to keep her company. You got me right?”

“Man I Just told you I have a meeting first thing… No sir.”

“Whatever…I’m already at your place any way. Throw on something decent and come down”


Jay knew Ray wouldn’t leave him hanging. He threw on some jeans and his vintage Jimi Hendrix t-shirt and headed out of the door. Jay was blasting Lil Wayne as usual when he hopped in. Thankfully his friend’s place was only a few blocks away. They arrived in front of a nice high rise that Ray had never seen. He wasn’t surprised though. He usually beelined between home and work. The ladies stayed on the second floor.  The door was open when they got to it. Jay and his “PYT” embraced lightly and the group began their introductions.

“Jay this is my cousin Lisa”

“Nice to meet you Lisa. Lisa and Keri, this is my line brother Ray.”

“Ray, and Jay…how cute” Lisa let out dryly. She was not amused by their rhyming names. They had grown tired of people bringing it up also.

Ray gave a half hearted laugh as he shook their hands. He was immediately ready to leave. Lisa was cute but not Ray’s type. Keri gave Ray one of those slightly open mouthed gawking looks as she walked them to the couch. Like she had something to say to him but couldn’t quite find the words.

“hey do I know you…”

“who me…I don’t know. Do you?”

“You look really familiar… do you work out at Gold’s down the street?”

“Nope. I can’t remember the last time I physically exerted myself…you know…other than sex.”

The joke broke the ice. Keri dropped the subject after that. Throughout the night she continued giving Ray side glances. Each time almost saying something, but never actually saying anything. The group engaged in small talk, eventually getting on the subject of the prohibition of marijuana. Jay’s eyes lit up.

“Hey Keri didn’t you tell me that you like to put one in the air every now and again?”

“Yep…why? Do you have something for me?”

Jay reached into his inner jacket pocket and pulled out about $20 worth of marijuana.

“Ohhhhhhhh my favorite” Keri exclaimed. “El Presidente”

“That’s that Barack right there son son” Jay always put on a B-Boy accent regarding weed.

Ray had been trying to quit but he didn’t want to be a party pooper either.

“Maybe a lil ‘Bhudda’ will help me take my mind off of ‘her’”, he thought to himself.

In all they sparked 3 blunts. Ray was two sheets from the wind and beginning to enjoy himself.  Keri put on some Bob Marley and  Ray melted into the couch a few inches shy of Lisa’s sprawled out legs. Jay and Keri began to suck face. They were getting a little too hot and heavy to be in the presence of others. Ray didn’t mind the show; He just wasn’t in the mood to see all that. He didn’t want them giving Lisa any ideas.

“Get a room you two…”

Keri pulled away from Jay’s neck just long enough to reply.

“I think we will…”

Keri led a now “school girl at a Justin Bieber concert” giddy Jay into her bedroom; leaving Ray, Lisa and Bob Marley in the den. Ray set his alarm on his BlackBerry for 8:30am and turned over. That would give him enough time to go home, shower and call in late the next morning. Lisa was snoring and Ray wasn’t far behind her. He closed his eyes…

Verse 4

*Boom boom boom* “Keri can you please turn that down!!! I have a report due and I can’t concentrate…Keri!..Keriiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Ray felt like it had only been seconds since he had closed is eyes. He glanced over at the kitchen clock. 4:30a… it had been an hour. He turned to the apartment door and figured He’d answer it. There was no way he was going to interrupt the freak fest carrying on in the other room to tell Keri someone was at her door.  He turned down the music and headed towards the door. He opened it and was met with a closed fist to the face. *blam*

“I am soooo sorry…I didn’t mean to hit you. I was about to knock again and you opened the door and I…”

“It’s OK, it’s OK. aahhhhh…”

It was definitely not Okay. Ray’s nose was busted. He pinched the bridge of his nose and held his head up and back in an attempt to keep the blood from running everywhere. He hadn’t even got a good look at his assailant. She put her hand on Ray’s shoulder  and rushed him towards the kitchen. The mystery assailant closed the door behind them and opened the freezer.

“Are you OK?”

“yea…I think so.”

Ray’s assailant’s voice sounded familiar; really familiar. Like several hours ago familiar. He bent his head down just enough to squint his eyes and see his assailant turned saint that was now handing handing him a zip-loc bag of ice.

“Ray is that you…”

“Shit… it’s ‘her’”

Verse 5

“Man I’m sorry…How was I supposed to know they knew each other???”

“You know what…I don’t blame you. I blame myself. I wasn’t supposed to be there!”

“So what did she say?”

“She didn’t say anything…”

“That’s good right?”

“Heeeeeeeeeell no… That’s the problem. I have no idea what she is thinking.”

“So what happened after that?”

“Well, after she gave me the ice, she just kind of stood there. Then Lisa woke up and walked in between us with just a damn shirt on…”

“Bwhhhh ahhaha hah ahhahahhahha ahha. Wait…you hit that?”

“Naw man…apparently at some point while we were passed out she took off her pants and bra.  All Lisa said was ‘what happened to you…’ to which I replied ‘long story…’”

“How did you NOT see that…yooooooouuu hit that! You ain’t got to lie to me man. She was cute…hell, I shouldn’t have brought you. Maybe I could have DOUBLED DOWN LOL. So that was it?”

“Pretty much…Lisa laid back down, ole girl sucked her teeth at me, gave me the stink eye and said ‘you aight’. I was like ‘yea’ and then she bounced. She was probably thinking about taking her apology back and punching me again. ”

“Don’t worry about it. Lisa will probably get at you hahha hahha harhha. Jenny seemed like…”

“Her name is Jana.”

“Jenny, Jana whatever. Doesn’t matter now right? Ahha hahha ahha. She wasn’t right for you. She’s already beating you up, that is a terrible start to a relationship”

“And how can you tell she wasn’t right for me? You’ve never met her!”

“Any chic that gives you her draws and then doesn’t text you back is a tease. And if she’s a tease, she probably has a disease bwhhah ahhahhahah. So you mean to tell me, after all of that…you just walked home.”


“All 3 or 4 miles…”



“I just needed to clear my head you know. I mean, I have a lot going on right now. Trying to find another job, the business venture, this acting thing, trying to find a girl…it’s just a lot.”

“I hear ya. Well I had fun. Keri gets down. She had handcuffs and whips and all kinds of stuff. I’m kind of sore though, I know how Kunta Kinte feels now. I have to hit that again after I heal up.”

“Well aight man I’m getting ready to leave work.”

“Cool, holla at me.”

“Will do.”

Ray placed his phone back in his pocket and began to think. Jay always had a knack for getting Ray in trouble. Anything could happen rolling with him. It had been a grueling day at work, considering Ray was sleep deprived. Working in I.T. had its perks. The  morning meeting had been canceled. No one even noticed that Ray had been 3 hours late. He crawled into his hiding spot between some servers and caught an hour and a half of sleep after lunch. Not nearly enough to get him back on track, but it had got him through the day.

For the life of him, Ray could not figure out what to say to Jana. He called his ex Amber to get a woman’s perspective on the situation. She and Ray became really good friends after they broke up. It just wasn’t the right time for them. They usually came to each other for dating advice and every now and again when she came to town or Ray went there, they still get down.

“So you didn’t fuck her?”

“No, I told you when I fell asleep she had all of her clothes on”

“emmmm hmmmm…I ain’t  never heard of you  passing up on some tail feather Ray. She must’ve been ugly.”

“Naw, she was cute. She just wasn’t my type.”

“It doesn’t matter. Jana thinks you hit it. Just text her and if she text back, you might have a chance.”

“She still hasn’t returned my last text.”

“Well you might as well make that drive up here and give me some then hah ahahahhah.”

“We’ll see. I thought you had a man?”

“Had to let him go. He was on some ‘Tyrone’ shit…I had to pick up the tab at Olive Garden after his card declined.”

“Ohhhh…that’ll do it.”

Ray hung up with Amber and tried her idea.
According to Amber he had a chance. He didn’t believe she would text him back so he hadn’t given any thought to what he was going to say. He was stuck again.

“Can we talk?”
“Is there anything to talk about?”
“You have to let me explain”
“Let me guess…it’s not what it looked like”
“Well when you say it like that you make me seem stupid”
“I know how Keri gets down… It was nice meeting you though”
“Meet me at Coldstone’s. I promise I can explain”
“You better be glad I like Ice cream…”

Story 2

Verse 6

Chauntelle was leaving work early, only because her boss wanted her to come in at 6a the next day. Her firm was closing a deal on a $25 million dollar account and the lawyers had been dragging their feet on the paper work. Chauntelle had been trying to reach Terry, her boyfriend, all day. He would only text her back. This was her opportunity to surprise him. Terry had never been unfaithful. As a matter of fact Chauntelle was the only one out of the relationship who had committed any major “offenses”. On Valentine’s day Chauntelle had one too many gifts. Terry had surprised her by showing up to her job with flowers and lunch. An old college boyfriend she had been sexting and having secret lunch dates with showed up while she and Terry were having lunch on the quad of her office building. Not a good day. Since then Chauntelle had been anxious to catch Terry in something to make her feel better about the situation. It had been about a year since it happened and her efforts to catch him had been fruitless; but she knew that today was her day.

Chauntelle tried calling Terry one last time as she pulled into his apartment complex. There was no answer but his car was in his usual spot. She mentally prepared herself for what she knew was waiting for her in Terry’s apartment. She climbed the stairs and rounded the corner to his door. She inserted her key as methodically and quiet as she could muster.  As she stepped inside, she closed the door ever so slowly.  Terry’s apartment layout was typical. The living room was the first room anyone sees coming in. The bedroom was on the far side to the left just before you would reach the kitchen. She tiptoed across the carpet into the bedroom. She could hear Terry’s voice but his words were indistinguishable.

“Ahhhhhhh…shit Chauntelle you scared me!”

Terry had just stepped out of the shower and opened the door to see her standing there.

“AHha hah ah you should see the look on your face. Hahha hahha  classic…”

“When did you come in?”

“I just got here. Why haven’t you answered my calls all day?”

“I have been cleaning, and then I tried the new workout DVD series I ordered, Insanity. Yeah it came in the mail today. That thing is intense.”

Chauntelle was staring Terry in his eyes but taking in the surroundings; Trying to find evidence or a clue of a female presence. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But Terry was using his “play it cool” voice. It was always a dead giveaway when something was up. She didn’t want to make it obvious that she knew something. But now she was seriously on the hunt.

“So what are you up to?”

“Nothing at all…about to go do some grocery shopping. You coming?”

“Yea…I’ll go with”

Chauntelle was stumped. She couldn’t find anything. Chauntelle began to feel crazy and she let it go. After some light petting, Terry put on some clothes and they were on their way out of the apartment.

“Oh you know I saw this cool recipe for Chicken pizza on the food network that we can try.”

“Sounds good. I’m down for something new.”

Chauntelle loved it when Terry cooked. He was always trying something new and it usually turned out well. They were almost at Terry’s car when Chauntelle realized she had left her phone in the apartment.

“Hey babe I left my phone up stairs ca…”

“I’ll get it.”

“No it’s okay. I’ll…”

“No it’s cool babe. You know how slow you are. I’ll just run up right quick. Here, start the car”

Terry tossed Chauntelle the keys to his car as he went up the stairs. The look on Terry’s face was one of relief. There was something Chauntelle had missed. She started the car and sprinted up the stairs as fast as she could behind Terry without him noticing. She rounded the corner to his open door and heard two voices…two male voices.

“That was close huh”

“Fuck yea…I can’t believe she didn’t see your shoes by the bed”

“I know right? But I got to go she’s waiting for me down stairs. Lock the door when you leave babe…”

Chauntelle had in fact seen the shows but thought nothing of it. She figured Terry had just bought some new loafers.  She busted through the door to see Terry and another man, in only his boxers, embracing.

“What, THE fuck is going on in here!!”

There were no words. The silence in the room was almost visible. Terry turned to Chauntelle with a gawked look. His mouth was open but no words were coming out. Terry’s friend turned and went into the bedroom.

“Chauntelle, nice to finally meet you. Terry…call me…”

Terry finally mustered up a few utterances.

“Babe I…I…he…”

“Save it Terry…I’ll be by tomorrow to pick up my shit.”

Chauntelle turned and walked out of the apartment, grabbing her cell phone on the way. Before she could get to the bottom of the stairs tears were pouring out of her face. She was distraught. She couldn’t even stop her hands from jittering enough to call her best friend as she sped away. She threw her phone into the passenger’s side door busting it into pieces. She didn’t care. Chauntelle drove around for a while collecting her thoughts. She drove down a long winding road a few miles past her house. It was one of those streets she had seen many times before and had always wondered where it led to. The street took her past a few open fields. About a half mile down the road there were cattle grazing just off to the side. The site of cattle popped her out of her daze making her realize that it was time to go home. The sky opened up and let out a down pour of rain. Chauntelle began frantically looking for a turnaround point.  Just then, she heard a loud pop with a flapping sound after it. She had blown a tire.

“Ahh that’s what I was supposed to be doing today; getting new tires. What else could go wrong…ugh”

She hopped out in the rain to inspect her wheel. Chauntelle had never changed a tire and hadn’t the slightest idea how. She flopped down on the hood of her car and began to sob loudly. The tire was her braking point. This day was too much for her.

Verse 7

“Need some help???”

“Chauntelle lifted her head to see a medium height, dark skinned man. His Mo hawk hair style was the first thing she noticed.

“Nope, I always drive onto random streets in the rain with a blown tire. What the fuck does it look like Mr. T…”

“Hey…you ain’t got to be a bitch about it. Sorry I asked”

The man turned towards a group of trailers and began to walk away.

“Wait…I’m sorry. It’s just been a hell of a day. Can you change my tire please? I’ll pay you.”

“No need to pay me lil mama. I was headed to get my mail when I saw your tire blow. Then I saw you get out and start crying. I kind of figured today hadn’t been the best for you”

The man motioned for Chauntelle to open her trunk and he proceeded to change her tire. She watched as he made quick work out of it.

“Umm, I was looking at your tires and they are all pretty worn. You should probably get all new ones.”

“I know…it was on my ‘to do’ list today. I just got a little distracted”

“Well you probably shouldn’t drive in this weather either. That’s just too many bad things at once you know, the spare, the bald tires, and your crying. I know you don’t know me but you can come to my place at least until the rain passes. I live right over there. I don’t bite. By the way, my name is Dan. But everyone calls me Fresh.”

“Fresh, nice to meet you. My name is Chauntelle. Thanks for the offer but I don’t do strangers. Especially strangers with Mo hawks.”
Chauntelle couldn’t help but giggle a little as she shook Dan’s hand. His hands were soft but strong. Dan was nice looking. He had broad shoulders, dark piercing eyes and an inviting one sided smile.

“Suit yourself. I hope you get home ok.”

“Thanks again, bye.”

Chauntelle piled back into her car. She took a moment to try to reassemble her phone. She didn’t want to admit it but Dan was right. She was in no mood to drive and would probably have a mental break down if something else happened. After about fifteen minutes of trying to reassemble her phone she gave up. She started her car and pulled in front of the trailer she had seen Dan step into.

Verse 8

Chauntelle swallowed her pride and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Chauntelle, the girl who’s tire you just changed…”

The door swung open and she was greeted with a smile. Chauntelle stepped in and was presently surprised at how nice the trailer was on the inside. It was nothing like she had expected. It was way more spacious and “apartment looking” then she ever would have imagined. The sight eased her woes a little. She quickly refocused and began setting the ground rules with Dan.

“Let’s get a few things straight. I will kill you if you try me. I have a .22 in my purse and I go to the range at least once a month. I am only here because the rain is getting worse and I am afraid to drive right now. I have had a really, REALLY fucked up day so…just…work with me”

“I hear ya. Come over here and sit down. You are drenched. Would you like some sweats and a t-shirt? You can keep them. Old Navy is having a sale so I can just buy some more. “

Logically, Chauntelle knew that she shouldn’t be getting cozy in this man’s house. But she did want to get out of her wet clothes. She took Dan up on his offer and changed into his sweats and T-shirt. She noticed that the T-shirt Dan had given  her was a Fraternity shirt.

“I see you are a Theta man”

“Yep, Theta Alpha Psi, lick you from the valley low to the mountain high. Ohhh Ahhhhh, So Fly”

“I have heard many a story about you Theta’s.  What year did you pledge?”

“I pledged in the Fascinating, fantastic, and funky year of 2004. The 12 guy, Apache.

Dan let out a Native American war cry and began to dance and gyrate around Chauntelle.

“That’s my rain dance…”

“Let me guess, cuz when you do it the ladies get wet…”

Chauntelle laughingly gave Dan two thumbs down.

“Lame…you should have left that back at college ”

“Whatever…are you greek?”

“Chi Tau Tau, Meow”

Chauntelle clawed at Dan and made some cat like gestures.

“Ohhh look who’s talking meow mix. I have heard a few stories about the Chi Taus…”

“What have you heard?”

“I heard yall like licking fur if you get my drift”

“Watch it now. All of us ain’t like that…”

“We will just say the majority of you all are”

“In that case, I have heard of few Theta’s are on the down low. As a matter of fact, a down low Theta is how I ended up on your street.”

“I don’t even believe that…”

“Well believe it. My boyfriend…excuse me ex-boyfriend was always hanging with his friend that is a Theta. I rolled up on those two when I got off from work today.”

“Say word???”

“Yep, I just knew he had another woman at his place. I never would have known if I hadn’t left my phone in his apartment. Speaking of, do you think you could put my phone back together? You wouldn’t happen to have a charger for it would you?”

“That’s crazy!!! What did you do?”

“I just left…that’s all I could do”

Chauntelle handed Dan her phone and he began to reassemble it with ease.

“You are just a jack of all trades aren’t you.”

“No, I have the same phone.  Let me go get my charger…”

Dan got up from the sofa and went into his bedroom. Chauntelle began looking around and taking in his place. It was a comfortable space. Dan’s things were arranged in an ergonomic manor. He came back and plugged her phone into the charger. He turned on the television and began to flip through channels. They began chatting and Chauntelle became more relaxed. Dan pulled out a cigar box. He opened it to reveal a small collection of various smoking paraphernalia and a bag of weed. He began to roll up a joint in the old school white rolling papers. Chauntelle wasn’t put off by it at all. She was a heavy smoker in college and even after for a while. It was somewhat of a shared habit that she picked up from her sorority sisters. Chauntelle watched Dan methodically roll his weed. She was a little turned on by the way he licked and sealed the joint. Dan had a long tongue. She had begun to day dream about what he could do to her with it but was interrupted by Dan speaking to her.

“You smoke?”

“Not since college but with this day that I have had, I think I will partake in mother earth.”

Dan lit the joint and drew in a long puff. Chauntelle was day dreaming again. She was intrigued by how cool Dan made hitting the joint look. He had a 70’s, Shaft, Black Dynamite kind of appeal to him. Dan passed the joint and Chauntelle inhaled a few puffs. They finished the blunt and Chauntelle was all the way cozy now. The weed had to have been mid-grade. She felt high but not over the top; like a bubbly floating feeling.   They continued to chat and trade college Greek life stories. Chauntelle was starting to like Dan and Dan liked Chauntelle.

Verse 9

The rain stopped. Chauntelle and Dan had unknowingly fallen asleep on each other. Dan was the first to wake up.

“Hey meow mix. Wake up. The rain has stopped.”

Chauntelle slowly woke and began heading for the restroom. She quickly realized she was not at home when she sleepily walked into a wall where her restroom would have been in her place.

“Down the hall to the left…”


Chauntelle collected her thoughts while on the toilet. Dan wasn’t a bad guy at all. He was easy on the eyes and made great conversation. Chauntelle began to entertain the thought of seeing him again. She got up from the toilet and headed back down the hallway where Dan was now flipping through the channels again.

“Oh my God, I am unbelievably hungry. What is there to eat around here?”

“Not much. There is a good Mexican place about eight miles up the road.”

“Yeeeeeessssss. You should come with me. I can buy you dinner. It’s the least I could do in return for all of your hospitality.”

“I’m game”

The pair went to the Mexican restaurant. Dan followed Chauntelle in his car so that after dinner he could follow her home to make sure she was safe. Chauntelle was smitten. She had never experienced so much chivalry. Dan opened her car door for her once they had arrived. He also pulled her chair out for her inside the restaurant. The restaurant was fairly new to the city. It was authentic Mexican. The decor was that of a rustic Mexican street corner. Pictures of various prominent Mexican historical figures were posted all around.  The tables were dimly lit. The lighting gave the effect of a full moon on a cloudless summer night . The dinner conversation flowed effortlessly. Chauntelle wanted to probe a little deeper into Dan’s world. She was genuinely intrigued.

“So, Apache, Fresh, Dan; what is your story?”

“Well I am a senior director of filming and editing for a small time company. For the most part I stay home. I don’t club really, unless it is with my frat brothers. I enjoy wine and long walks on the beach…”

“No seriously. I want to know about you”

“Okay, well there is not much to me really. I am a simple man. I am originally from Melbourne, Florida. I eat, sleep, shit, shower, and shave just like everyone else. I enjoy filming and editing. One day I’d like to direct my own Hollywood movie but that is a long term goal.”

“Are you single?”

Chauntelle realized the untimeliness of her question but late was better than never.

“…and ready to mingle. The women around here are just a different breed. I have tried to date a couple times but it never seems to work out. What about you?”

“Well as I told you earlier I am recently single, like a few hours ago single. I am an account representative for Admiral International. My career is highly stressful but the pay makes it worth it. I like to read novels and listen to jazz. I volunteer about once a week at a local elementary school reading to children. And I secretly have a fetish for guys with Mo Hawks.”

“Ohh about that. I don’t usually wear my hair like this. I cut my own hair and I was just being silly.”

The pair shared a laugh. Dinner was great. They spent most of their time together laughing and making fun of one another. When dinner was over Dan followed Chauntelle back to her apartment complex and walked her to her door.

“So…yea. I will leave you my number and you can just call me if you need me to follow you to get your tires replaced. We don’t want you sobbing in the rain again.”

“That sounds great actually. My firm is putting the finishing touches on a big account tomorrow morning and I will be free by lunch time. Meet me for lunch and we could go to the tire place afterward. “

“Sounds good. Where is your phone? I will program my number in for you.”

“You know what…I think I left it at your place. Shucks…”

“Haha hahhahah today is just not your day.”

Dan wrote down his number on the back of the restaurant receipt. As he handed Chauntelle the slip of paper their hands touched. Dan held her hand and pulled her in for a hug. He gripped her by her waist firmly with his free arm. They stared into one another’s eye momentarily before kissing. The moment was magical. Chauntelle reluctantly pulled away. But she knew that if she had stayed in his embrace any longer that Dan would have been spending the night. She blew him a kiss goodbye as she closed the door. She ran into her bedroom and nosed dived into her bed; reveling in the moment. She grasp the collar of the t-shirt Dan had given her and held it over her nose. His scent was intoxicating. It smelled like a mix between smoky patchouli oil and almond.  She could hardly believe the day’s events.  She reached over the side of her bed for her net-book. She had to make contact with her best friend. She would never believe this story.

Story 1

Verse 10

It was a lazy Friday. The week had been grueling. Jana was out and about running errands. She had agreed to meet Ray at Coldstone’s so that he could “explain” what happened.  She needed to talk to Keri and get the real story before Ray came with his bullshit. There is no way anyone could explain away a half naked girl at that time of night. Jana’s grandma had always said “after one in the morning ain’t nothing open but legs”.

“hey boo”

“Unh uh. Don’t hey boo me. You know what I am calling for…”


“You know what heifer…”

“Why, whatever do you mean hahhah hahhahha”

“What were you doing last night?”

“Well…You KNOW me. I met a cutie pie at Walgreen’s and invited him over. I was trying to have some fun with my cousin Lisa. She is like you, real shy about meeting dudes. My cutie brought a friend for her and after we smoked and chatted for a minute I let ole boy get a taste. I put it on ‘em! He even let me put my pinky in his booty…”

“AHHHHHHHH…you lying”

“Nope…I had him all over the place. He hung in there though. He has a crooked dick”

“Crooked? Like Big Pun ‘Lean Back’  crooked or Ray J crooked?”

“Ray J crooked.. and he can eat a mean coochie. Ah, I didn’t want him to stop. We went at it all night. He tried to go to sleep on me but I woke his ass up. I told him ‘you can’t go to sleep until I’m sleepy’”.

“Well at least SOMEbody is getting some…”

“I was just about to ask, what happen with you and the guy from the dating site?”

“You don’t know? He is your friend’s friend. He was at your place…”

“I KNEW he looked familiar! Oh wow…that is ALL bad. Did you come up stairs or something? How did you know he was here?”

“Well I was beating on your door to tell you to cut the music down and Ray came to the door. I guess you were in the room with your friend or whatever. But your cousin was prancing around in nothing but a t-shirt….”

“My COUCH!!! Oh girl…she didn’t even say nothing about him. Hell I didn’t ask either. He wasn’t there when I woke up this morning.”

“He must have got the goods and dipped…”

“Probably, I mean we were all flirting. Hell for a minute I thought we were all going to get it in together. I was so high ahhah ahhaha hahah.”

“Anyway, he text me this morning talking about ‘he can explain’. “

“Ahh girl all yall had was one date. So what he got a little booty, you wasn’t giving it to him. You tease…”

“Whatever…I am supposed to be meeting him at Coldstone’s but I don’t think I am going any more”

“Why not?”

“Well he just jumped in your cousin’s draws, ain’t no telling how many other women he has on his list. I am not trying to become one of them. He seemed cool and all but unh uhh.”

“Well alright…do what you do, What are you doing today?”

“Just running some errands. On my way back now. You cooking something?”

“Yea I have some chicken I just fried and some green bean casserole.”

“Okay, I will be there in about fifteen minutes. Oh wait I meant to ask you…where is the nearest ‘pet shop’?”

“Pet shop? Why, you buying a dog to keep you company now?”

“You know…a ‘Pet Shop’…somewhere I can pick up a rabbit…”

“Haha ahaha hahaha ah oh girl you are a fool. Yea I will text you the address…”

“Oh well. Just as I thought.”

There was nothing to explain. He was on a date with her one minute and then in bed with some one else the next. That is not what Jana was looking for. In a way this was a good thing. Jana promised herself that she would give the dating scene one last try and she did.  She could focus all of her energy on school and getting a decent internship.

Verse 11

*knock knock knock*

Jana could smell the aroma of food wafting through Keri’s door. Jana was visibly upset and was in much need of company.

“I don’t know why you insist on knocking when you have a key”

“Because some people have common decency and don’t just barge into people’s house like you do”

“Ohh Oscar the Grouch, don’t get mad at me cuz you have man trouble…”

“I’m sorry. I guess my attitude is a little funky. I need a drink”

“One glass of Moscato d’Asti coming up”

“Can you make me a plate too”

“Do I look like your slave? Hmph, just this one time hah aha hah”

Jana flopped down on Keri’s couch and began to flip through channels on the TV. Keri brought her best friend a plate and they began to chat. Keri did her best at diverting her friend’s attention to other things but Jana’s thoughts would not be moved. Jana felt hurt to no end even though she had barely known Ray. There was just something about him that she couldn’t shake. Jana was startled from her thoughts when she heard the sound of plates clanking in the kitchen. It was Lisa making herself a plate of food.

“Oh my goodness you scared me”

“Hey Lisa, glad to see you are still in the land of the living. I was about to come tell you the food was ready. Lisa this is
my best friend Jana.”



Jana couldn’t hold back her feelings. Her face was one of anguish and disgust. Lisa, much like her cousin Keri, was not very coy. She immediately addressed the issue.

“Why are you all frowned up at me?”

Jana hadn’t known that her feelings were showing. She immediately adjusted her face and tried to be polite. Jana got up from the couch and walked over to Lisa as she continued making her plate.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frown at you. I… I would like to ask you a question”

Lisa with spoon and plate in hand  met Jana’s gaze.

“Go ahead…”

Jana was finding it hard to form words in her mouth. She began to stammer and rub her hands together as if she were washing them. Keri took the opportunity to broach the subject.

“Oh my god just ask her girl. Jana wants to know if you fucked Ray”

“Ray…who is that”

“Ole boy from last night”

“Oh girl no. Oh, you are the chic that punched him in the face hahahah hahha . That was funny. Is that your man or something?”

Jana was gripped with embarrassment. She was relieved that Ray hadn’t gone there with Lisa and angry at herself for not giving him a chance to explain. She found her voice to speak.

“So yall didn’t do nothing at all?”

“Nothing beside share a blunt and pass out on the couch together…”

“So why were you only in your t-shirt when I came in?”

“I get naked when I get high…it’s what I do bwhah aha hahah”

The three of them shared a hearty laugh and finished dinner together. They all discussed what Jana should do about Ray and came to the conclusion that Jana should just call him. Jana left Keri’s and began to contemplate what she would say to Ray as she walked down the stairs to her apartment.  After getting settled she crawled into bed and continued thinking out loud.

“If I was a man and this happened to me, what would I want to hear…hmmm.”

Jana practiced several lines in different voices. She was really nervous about calling Ray. After about an hour and a half of rambling to herself she gave up preparations and decided to just call him. Whatever comes out would come out. Just as she was about to hit the call button she had an epiphany.

“He didn’t even try to call me after I stood him up…”

Jana was convinced now that there was no hope. Embarrassed, defeated by her own trust issues, and lonely, Jana curled up to her favorite pillow as she cried herself to sleep. Jana was officially done. She vowed to herself that she would focus only on her last few months of school and getting her dream internship at Velvet Room Recordings.

Verse 12

Ray was un-phased by Jana standing him up. He had actually expected it. He had waited exactly one hour down to the minute for Jana to call or show. He refused to call her. It was his belief that any woman that refused to give someone a chance to explain would only be future trouble. It was a doctrine he had developed from his past experiences.

“Ahhhh such is life…”

Ray felt his urge to “validate his manhood” grow as he contemplated what he would do next with his day. Just as he began to go deep in thought his phone rang. It was Jay.

“Right on time”

He picked up the phone and the two began their usual greetings.

“Bruh bruh what’s poppin”

“That’s what I was calling to talk about. You know Afrodite’s Delight is coming up next weekend. You ready?”

“Ahhh man, I forgot about that. It’s our last one too. Five years goes by fast.”

“Yea man. We have to go out with a bang. Time to hit the gym.”

“Cool let’s do that. It’s been a minute for me.”

The gym was a part of Jay’s regular routine. Ray knew that he had a tired week ahead “gym-ing” with Jay. Ray had a natural build; broad shoulders, big arms, and a big chest while Jay had always had to work for his shape. Jay had a swimmers build, wiry if he didn’t lift for bulk regularly.  The pair met at the gym and carried conversation as one spotted the other bench pressing. Jay spotted a clover brand on the thigh of a female as she was completing the last of her leg lift set.

“Hey you see that chic with the clover brand?”

“I can’t see nothing from here man. You are supposed to be spotting me not checking out chics. This is why I stopped
lifting with you.”

“Awww whatever. I remember that brand. She was at the last Delight. She didn’t look that good though. Hope she is there this year.”

Ray finished his last few reps and got up to lay his eyes on the female as she walked to the next machine.

“Yea I remember her. She definitely didn’t look like that. Speaking of the Delight, we need to go somewhere and buy actual togas this year. That bed sheet shit was not a good look.”

“I ain’t spending no money on one night man. We always end up naked anyway”

“True…well I am getting a toga anyway.  I had a hard time pulling last year.  Those pledges have all those chics going for it. I remember our delight while we were online. It was crazy. I will never forget that flip you did into the bed with that one chic.”

“I know right. I rocked her world. Delight was the only thing that got me through the process.”

“Where is it this year?”

“At the Hyatt Regency in the Grandiose suite. You are really out of the loop. You didn’t get a flyer in the mail?”

“Man I can’t tell you the last time I checked my mail…if it ain’t an e-mail I don’t see it. How many pledges do we have this year?”

“8 and all of them are down. They are hard bodies too. You should come see them. They got their info together. I’m sure a visit from Big Brotha Boo Boo tha Fool is always welcome ha hahhaha .

Ray and Jay finished up their workout and left the gym. As they were walking to their cars Jay spotted the female with the clover brand again and decided to approach her. They were still within earshot of the other gym members.

“Excuse  me, you are looking good Ms…”

“Ms. Jenkins.”

“Cool cool…Hey I noticed your brand and I was wondering if I would see you at the Delight next weekend…”
The female gave Jay a puzzled look.

“The Delight? What is that?

“Oh I’m sorry I must’ve mistaken you for someone else”

Jay had broken the first rule of Afrodite’s Delight, which was to never talk about the Delight outside of the event. The female caressed Jay’s arm as he had begun to walk away. She whispered in his ear.

“I remember you…bring your friend. Tell him I want him. You know you aren’t supposed to talk about this in public.”
She walked away as if nothing had happen. Jay delivered the message and they went about their evening.

Story 2

Verse 13

Chauntelle couldn’t get her computer to load fast enough. Her mind was racing. She couldn’t wait to fill her friend in on the day’s happenings.  She loaded her Facebook chat and commenced to typing. She recounted everything that happened down to the smallest detail to her friend Kim. The bulk of their conversation was spent talking about Dan, a detail that Kim noted and addressed. Chauntelle had really loved Terry. Mentally she had already let him go. The thought of him with another man disgusted her, but her heart was not as easily swayed. They had had a lot of good times together. Kim was fervent about getting Chauntelle to move on. She had always told Chauntelle that there was something wrong about Terry. Kim was bisexual so her “gay-dar” was usually on point. Out of respect for her friend and her feelings she never directly stated that she believed Terry was suspect but she made many hints towards it.

Kim: So this Dan character…when will you see him again.

Chauntelle: Tomorrow. I have to get my phone. We are supposed to be meeting for lunch and then he is going with me to get new tires.

Kim: Okay sounds good. Let me know how lunch goes.

Chauntelle: I will. I’m about to go to bed. Big meeting in the morning.

Kim: Cool ttyl.

Before Chauntelle could exit her Facebook page she received a chat message from Terry.

Terry: Hey…

Chauntelle typed a few words but immediately erased them. She didn’t have anything good to say to him and she knew that engaging him in conversation would only give him the opportunity to suck her back in. She exited the page and shut down her computer. She grasp the collar of Dan’s shirt once again and inhaled the scent. It made her smile. Her immediate thoughts about Terry began to melt away. Dan was now the object of her affection. Chauntelle was infatuated.

Verse 14

Dan had just gotten out of the shower. Chauntelle was sprawled across her bed naked, and in heat. Her sheets were all white Egyptian cotton. Chauntelle was very particular about them. She only bought thread counts of 1000 or higher.  The baseline of Neyo’s “Mirror” was vibrating the room. You could almost see the sex in the air; A misty purple haze hanging in space.  Chauntelle was touching herself, gently squeezing her nipple between her thumb and index finger while massaging the hood of her yoni. Her moans echoed over the walls. She couldn’t remember how and when she had invited Dan over but in this moment she didn’t care.  Dan appeared in front of her. Still wet in places, having heard Chauntelle’s moans and rushing out of the shower.

“I see you started without me…”

“But you are going to finish it…right?”

Chauntelle  plunged her middle finger into herself. Slowly maneuvering it in and out as to tease herself and entice Dan. Dan’s manhood rose. His erection caused the bottom half of his towel to rise above his knees but he remained still, watching Chauntelle pleasure herself. He wanted to make her wait and anguish over the hurried insertion into her. Chauntelle inched forward to the edge of the bed where Dan was standing, still silent and unmoved. She spread her legs as wide as she could and now inserted her middle and ring finger into herself. She was surprised. She was wetter than she thought. Her juices began to run down her split and unto the bed. Chauntelle could feel the heat of Dan’s crotch calling for her. She could no longer resist. Through the dim light she could see a smirk appear on Dan’s face as if he knew that he had her right where he wanted her. Chauntelle reached out her legs and wrapped them around Dan’s waist. In one motion she attempted to pull Dan down and into her. He was unmoved. He took a step back, carrying Chauntelle’s legs with him and he grasp her up into his arms. The commotion caused Dan’s towel to fall to the floor. Chauntelle could now feel his erection pressing up against her lips; the head of his lingam poking her perineum.  Chauntelle tried to back herself onto his manhood but Dan’s arms were too strong. He held her tight as he moistened her neck and ears with his tongue. She struggled to get herself onto him but only succeeded in making minuet movements and pressing his girth more onto her split. Dan turned them both and raised Chauntelle’s body in the air.  He grabbed her by her waist and wrapped her legs around his neck. Chauntelle kept her balance as best she could pressing her palms against the ceiling.  Dan entered her with his tongue. The long awaited pleasure gave Chauntelle a miniature orgasm and she felt her wetness leave her and land on Dan’s chest. He was very skillful. He spelled out the word “orgasm” on Chauntelle’s clitoris. As he made his last lap to write out the “m” Chauntelle cried out in ecstasy and gripped the back of Dan’s head with all her strength. The feeling rode through her body like a violent wave crashing upon a shore. Chauntelle was momentarily paralyzed. Dan took her lifeless body and laid her on the bed. Grabbing her by her left ankle he placed her foot over his right shoulder. He thrust himself into her roughly, biting his bottom lip and staring deep into her eyes. The jolt shocked Chauntelle back to life as if she had been defibrillated. Dan kept a moderate and rough pace. His hands lightly touched Chauntelle’s stomach as he entered and exited; giving the experience a balance of stimulation. Chauntelle could not keep up. She came over and over again and surrendered to her reflexes and seizing limbs. The bed began to creak loudly. The meter matched Dan’s thrust. Chauntelle was puzzled, her bed had never creaked like this before. The creaking sound grew louder and began to sound electronic. Chauntelle tried to get up but Dan’s arms had arrested her legs. She tried to reach towards his chest to tell him to stop but another orgasmic wave overcame her and she fell back to the bed. The creaking now filled her head. She realized that it was the sound of her alarm clock. Chauntelle jumped up breathing heavily. She looked around her room and everything was normal. The morning sun was peeking through her shades.  It had all been a dream. She slapped the top of her alarm clock in disappointment. Chauntelle couldn’t wait to meet up with Dan for lunch now. She jumped into the shower and began contemplating which of her many business suits could serve dual purpose.

Verse 15

Chauntelle stood in her closet naked as a Jay bird pouring through the many colors and cuts of business attire. She grabbed a Burgundy red pants suit that was one of her favorites and placed it up against her body in the mirror.

“Nah…too much business and not enough pleasure”

She meandered back and fourth until the corner of a dry cleaned plastic wrapped suit buried against the back wall of her closet caught her eye, She reached for it and took it down.

“mmm hmmm”

Chauntelle arrived at work an hour early. It was her personal policy to always be prepared for the unknown. She walked into her building as she usually does, but this time she could feel a few eyes lingering. Chauntelle smiled to herself, knowing she had made the right choice in outfit.

Just as Chuantelle had began to settle into her office and focus, there was a knock at her door. It was Robert. He was one of the lawyers working the account that they were closing that morning.

“Hey, you ready…”

“As ready as ready can be”

“I have the copies of the contract you asked me for yesterday, sorry we couldn’t get them to you sooner.”

“Oh, you don’t remember… you gave them to me before I left. See…”

Chauntelle held up a small stack of papers. Robert eyed them and sat down in front of her desk anyway. Chauntelle followed his eyes and noticed that he had been staring at her chest.

“There is something different about you today. I can’t quite put my finger on it…”

“Is that a good thing or bad thing?:”

Chauntelle forced a small giggle to ease the  tension building in the conversation. Robert was obviously trying his best to find something to talk about so that he could eye her a little longer. Chauntelle didn’t mind. She wanted to see how long he would ogle her.

“It’s a good thing”

They continued the small talk. Rehashing already confirmed details in the contract. Chauntelle watched Robert as his eyes traced her neck line and plunged down the center of her silk blouse. She had chosen it for that exact reason. The blouse was almost a V-neck but the top of it  stopped right at the beginning of her cleavage. The pastel pink color of the blouse made the charcoal suit pop. It attracted attention without being unprofessional. Her double breasted, fitted waist top accentuated, and concealed her double  D breast. Chauntelle loved the way the satin lined pencil skirt felt against her thighs. It stopped just above her knees, allowing her to not wear panties. She crossed her legs to see if Robert would react. His eyes jumped down from her blouse to her thighs.  The small slit on the left side of her skirt split across her knee; teasingly blocking the view further down her thigh. Chauntelle stood to escort Robert out. He lingered behind her momentarily to stare at her back side. Her suit jacket overlay her skirt just above the top of her buttocks. The skirt created a cascading effect of clothe down her waist and back, making her booty look a little higher than it really was.

“I’d love to chit chat more Robert but I have to get my game face on. See you in a few”

The meeting was more of a formality than a necessity; executives congratulating and glad handing one another. Chauntelle always shied away from too much face time with the “higher ups”. They had a bad habit of becoming inappropriate and making propositions with women around the office. An opportunity most of them took as a chance to move up. She was more concentrated on seeing Dan. She began to feel herself moisten at the thought of him. Her dream had taken hold in her mind more strongly than she would have liked. Chauntelle day dreamed through the entire meeting. Popping in and out of conciousness nodding her head or adding a “yes sir” to the conversations. Afterward, She made her way back to her desk and began on some busy work to make time go by. Another knock came at the door. She could see Robert peering through the shades and waving.

“This little fucker is persistent…” she thought out loud to herself.

She opened the door and blocked entry to her office.

“Hey imma little busy what’s up?”

“ughhhh I was…going to…”

Just then a call came through to Chauntelle’s desk. She sprinted around the office and caught it on it’s third ring.

“Hey Robert hold that thought…”

“I’ll just come back later”

Chuantelle answered the phone in her professional voice.

“Admiral International, this is Chauntelle speaking how may I be of assistance…”

“Hey babe it’s me”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s me baby, Terry. I know you probably don’t want to talk to me but…”

“You got that right!”

Chauntelle slammed the phone unto it’s base. Frustrated with both Robert and Terry, she turned  her attention to the restaurant receipt she had stuck in her briefcase before leaving the house. She fingered the slip of paper between her fingers before picking up her phone and dialing the numbers on the back of it.


To Be Continued…

© Stephen R. Freshley and wordbending, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this
material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Stephen R. Freshley and Word Bending a secret but not so secret blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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