Robert Hayes II – Untitled

While watching the moon the gentle breeze caresses my face.

Stars glimmering like diamonds flashed by strobing lights.

Crickets chirping in the distance mimic sounds of my childhood.

Spending nights sleeping on grandmother’s floor.

The windows open, cooling winds pass throughout carrying identical lullabies.

Limbs of leaves sway as ballerinas do with arms stretched out towards heaven in eternal praise.

Horns sound from trains pushing through the night transporting memories of past lives

with faces flowing past my face one by one.

Every glimpse brings eyes locked in the everlasting bliss of passion filled throughs.

Perfumes drift about infused by night blooming jasmine and orange blossoms.

Night skies of the same velvet blue tapestry drape dreams embodied with fantasies of

curvaceous lined automobiles and goddesses atop spiked thrones.

Forever watching the moon my eyes drawn to a new instance.

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