R. A. the Sun Goddess – Extra Ketchup

On my way home from work, I stopped at a Wendy’s
The one in the hood where they aren’t really friendly
But I was broke and tired, and I wasn’t cooking so fuck it
“Let me get a large fry and a five piece nugget”
Her tone was nasty and she said with a grunt
“That’ ll be $1.99, pull around to the front”
I pulled around and when I looked at the girl
She was clearly disgruntled and mad at the world
I HATED coming to this particular store
When I asked for some sauce, she wanted 50 cents more
I looked at this chick, I was about to go off
Cause I’m not about to sweat her for BBQ sauce
I said, “Never mind,” I wasn’t trying to nag
But I wondered how much ketchup she put in my bag
I was starting to feel like I was being attacked
Was she trying to funny when she gave me one pack?
One pack of ketchup? For all of these fries?
I asked her for more, the Bitch rolled her eyes
I thought to myself, this don’t make no damn sense
She was giving me attitude over condiments
I said, “Get your boss…,” maybe they could handle her
She pointed to her name tag and said, “I’m the manager”
I sucked my teeth and drove off, I was not in the mood
Damn, I hope this bitch didn’t spit in my food

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