Dae Bynum- Ambivalence

Emptiness… is the word that comes to mind

Not so much as a description… More of a quantifier

Directionless, a vane with no arrows, nothing more than a wind-follower

Or, wind-chaser perhaps… I guess it all boils down to perception

The null space that divides love and hate, the horizon where the sweetness of love meets the bitterness
of hate… The meeting spot where the line is blurred… Therein lies the state of mind

The state of mind that takes comfort in the gentle pats of slow rain on window panes, yet curses the rain
for interrupting trivial thoughts

Perhaps whimsy conveys it better… less depressing, but equally eccentric

The light-hearted nature in which we approach life at times, however inconsistent

Feet guided by ever-changing emotions rather than focused mind and dedicated heart

Flighty at best… No real sense of “reality”… But again, I suppose it all boils down to perception

Uncertainty about the exactness of feeling, the battle between head and heart is seldom won

It is tempered by the surrender of mixed emotions… The ability to smile when tears are being shed on
the inside… The urge to fight when defeat is written on our faces… The display of pure love when the
burn of hate is in our eyes…

Labeled by outsiders as “confused”…. “Crazy”… “Contradictory”… Never realizing that they are looking
into a mirror, a reflection of who others believe they are.

It’s a never-ending cycle, the constant quest for “the real”… Destined for a lifetime of trying to piece it
all together, only to open our hands and realize our pieces are missing.

Emptiness… is the word that comes to mind

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