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61Da7Ge0Q9L__SL1000_My latest book “#BruisedEgo”

#BruisedEgo is a ceremonious farewell to a past life and past loves. Picking up where “Word Bending…” ended #BruisedEgo is a journey through life pursuant of love culminating with “That’s that Sh*t I Don’t Like” as the Pièce de résistance; signifying having finally found love.


My first book “Maktoob”

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Maktoob is a collection of poetry inspired by my time temporarily deployed to Pope Air Force Base in Fayetteville, North Carolina. At the time my daughter Sydney Rae had just been born and I desperately needed money flowing into our household. I sacrificed the time that I would have rather spent introducing my daughter to the world, working to keep her fed and clothed. While deployed I faced a lot of situations. I fought a bout with depression and loneliness, I was wrongfully accused at my job, I was faced with sexual temptations that I had never been exposed to. I made new friends and discovered things about myself that I never knew. (Maktoob) is a journey through my daily struggles and revelations of self while away from my loved ones and family

My second book “Word Bending…”

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“Word Bending…” is a journey into the personal life and pain of author Stephen Freshley post” Maktoob”. This riveting collection of poetry chronicles the life span of love and the effects, concentrating on deceit, “intentional torts”, and flat out lies. Identify with his pain, grow in the process.

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