The Campaign for Truth©


The Campaign for Truth is a 5 day challenge designed to help recognize the deterioration of our morale fabric [in regards to lies], understand the impact of lies on others, and redirect our morale compasses; hopefully resulting in the realization that the truth is always better than a lie.


The purpose of the “Campaign for Truth” is to simply promote the truth.


As a human race we have adapted the idea that lying is sometimes necessary. This idea is morally wrong and has corrupted every facet of life. We have euphemized flat out lies into “sub-truths” like “spicing up” our resumes to get better jobs; “withholding certain details” for the sake of everyone involved. Or “stretching the truth” to preserve someone’s feelings. We fabricate emotions. We even fake orgasms… where is the line? Why has lying become a regular part of our lives? I speak from experience. If I were to be locked in an air tight room with all of the lies that have passed my lips then I would immediately suffocate and kill over. I believe it is time for everyone to begin to turn around. How do we do so?

Why you should participate in the “Campaign for Truth”

I have a personal conviction brought on by numerous events that drive me to the lengths that I have gone to construct and organize this campaign. However I do not have a grand scheme or convincing reason that I can pitch to get others to participate. Telling the truth is its own reward. “It’s good to be good”. What you should realize is that when you lie to someone, you are in essence telling that person that you do not value them enough as a person, a peer, a logical being, to give them the opportunity to digest the truth. Lying is disrespectful. The point of this all is to get others to see that lies only hurt no matter how small. The truth is always right.  I will share with you one of my experiences that have led me to my revelations. If you do not feel any personal conviction to participate, maybe my experience will motivate you.

I was a super senior at Bethune-Cookman College. I had a girlfriend that was pledging Delta so I had a lot of extra free time relationship wise. I began cheating with this other female who, ironically, ended up pledging Delta the next year. One particular night while I was “engaging in activities” with this female, her phone rang. It was her boyfriend. I had known she had a boyfriend but I did not care. He informed her that he was on his way and was about ten minutes from her apartment. She hurried and threw her clothes and Febreezed everything as she rushed me out of the door. I felt horrible. I knew that her boyfriend would never know that I had just been with his girlfriend. I was saddened because I knew that that guy could have very well been me at one point of time or another. Little did I know that that guy was me. My girlfriend’s apartment was in the same apartment complex and same building, just on the opposite side of the girl I was cheating with. I jumped in my car and drove around the corner to give the illusion that I was just arriving into the apartments. I got to my girlfriends door and knocked. She never came to the door. Her car was there. The lights were on in the apartment and I could hear the television. There was also another car in the space I usually parked in next to her car that I recognized from around campus. She was cheating on me too. I couldn’t really be upset though. I was perpetuating the cycle of lies. Someone was hurting me as I was hurting someone else.

I hope that I have motivated you to participate and Godspeed in your endeavors.

Truth Week Challenge

In the American Culture we have fabricated and ritualistically celebrate almost anything; Black Friday, President’s Day, St. Valentine’s day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Boss’s day, Ground Hog’s day (really???), April Fool’s day, Earth day, Arbor day, Flag day…the list goes on. We don’t even know the historical precedence or meaning behind most of these days, but we recognize them anyway. Everyone is familiar with the truth and its meaning. Why don’t we idolize it as we do other things? Ah ha, because the truth hurts or the truth is dangerous. We act on our impulses and disregard the consequences. In turn these actions result in hard choices that have to be made. Our root problem is not necessarily in the lie, but in the actions that create the environment for the lie. I believe that if we work the process of a lie back words, from the lie to the actions that created the environment for the lie to the choice to commit that action, we can effectively attack the root problem, which is our skewed moral compass’s that allowed us to commit the action. I believe that the quinine is  Truth Week Challenge. Truth Week  is a 5 day challenge geared towards understanding, analyzing, and implementing the truth back into our lives; hopefully resulting in the realization that the truth is always better than a lie.

Truth Week Challenge

Day 1:Analyze

Make a list of as many lies that you can think of (not excluding lies you know about between other people). Categorize each lie into these three groups:

  1. My Lies
  2. Lies I am involved in/ apart of
  3. Lies I know about that do not involve me directly

Then next to those lies list the outcome of that lie. i.e., did the person that was lied to find out the truth anyway? Did life move on smoothly? Did that lie affect that person’s life dramatically? Are you burdened by the lie? Lastly, make a list of hypothetical outcomes as if the truth were told in place of the truth.

Day 1 Purpose:

This activity is for self reflection. Because lying has become such a regular part of our routine, we have eliminated the guilt that usually comes along with it. By listing our lies and contemplating how they may have affected others, we can regain some guilt and empathy for the parties we have lied to.

Day 2: Confront

Pick three “My Lies” from your previously mentioned list and tell the truth. Write down how telling the truth made you feel. Ask the person that was lied to how finding out the truth makes them feel. Ask the person that was lied to how the lie affected their life prior to finding out the truth. Ask the person that was lied to how they believe the truth will affect their future.

Day 2 Purpose:

This activities purpose is understand and become fully aware of how our lies affect the people we have lied to. On day 1 we speculated how we believed that our lies affected others, and now we on Day 2 we can compare out speculations to reality.

Day 3: Influence

Pick three “Lies I am involved in/ apart of” from your previously mentioned list and discuss the lie with the other party. Ask the other party if they are burdened by the lie. Tell the other party if you are burdened by the lie. Try to influence the other party to come clean with the person that was lied to. If you are successful, ask the other party how telling the truth made them feel. Ask the other party what was the outcome of them coming clean.

Day 3 Purpose:

The purpose of Day 3’s activity is affect your circle of influence. Help the people around you to change the social landscape of our society. Also, this activity will give you the opportunity to see other people situations and how lies have affected them.

Day 4: Amnesty Day

Announce to everyone you know that today is their opportunity to come clean about any and everything, consequence free. Be sure to follow through on the consequence free part. Offer up your opinion and feelings if anyone comes clean. Thank the person for coming clean. Tell the person how/if the lie has affected your life. Ask the person how telling the truth has made them feel.

Day 4 Purpose:

Today’s activities purpose is discovery.  I believe that we will all be surprised in how frequently we are lied to. The key to this day is in not taking action against the people who have lied to you, and simply appreciating the fact that they have come clean. By not taking action against the people who have lied to you, you are laying the foundation for openness between the two of you. This will more than likely result in the person being more comfortable in telling you the truth, the next time the environment for a lie is created.

Day 5: Truth Day

Tell the truth for 24 hours at all cost. Do not announce that you are only telling the truth.

Day 5 Purpose:

This activity is the culmination of the week’s revelations. It will also be a challenge. Hopefully what you will learn from this day is that telling the truth more often then not is not as hard as it seems and results in a more pleasant life style.

© Stephen R. Freshley and wordbending, 2011. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Stephen R. Freshley and Word Bending a secret but not so secret blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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  2. I am a very careful person when it comes to ppl feelings…this will be very challenging…but when I’m ready I’ll give it a try


  3. You could certainly see your skills in the article you write.
    The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.


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