What is MinisterFreeman.blog about?

MinisterFreeman.blog is the “Seinfeld” of the internet; there is no particular focus. However, every article and section contributes significantly to the unknown overarching theme. There is a little something for every taste here; politics, poetry, punditry, [alliteration], pornography, perspective, provisions [restaurant reviews], parables [short stories], and purpose. This site is sure to capture your attention at least once and offend you twice if you keep reading.

About site creator and main contributor:

Dann B. Freeman, known on official government documentation as Stephen R. Freshley, is this generation’s premiere, avant garde, wordsmith; bending words, meanings, and explanations to his will and liking; usually rubbing his readers the wrong way, at least.
His thought provoking topics and “in your face” approach polarizes most audiences. As an Atlanta, Ga native, his perspective has been described as bourgeois bohemian, a fresh mix of street wisdom and university education. With 3 published books, a thriving youtube channel, and a locally popular website under his belt, his only aspirations are to “do more of what he’s already doing…just bigger”. At 31, he has a long and promising career in an industry [Writing] that he continues to beat over the head with his version of the truth.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. so i’m rambling through my purse looking for a pen and I come across your business card. i must have thrown it in there at the mexican spot. funny. let me check this site out. and low and behold….you are Talented! Very interesting and dynamic read. All the best. Jac


  2. Hey, Fresh!!! Seen that you mentioned your website on facebook and I decided to check it out. I must say you are doing great things!!! Just read your short story “ride or die”…you should definitely make a great book out of that one And “12 secrets serious”…Maaan! I felt like I was reading something from a Zane novel. I love it. I’ll be coming to this website frequently. You truly have talent. Proud of you.


  3. I just stumbled across your website because I was trying to look up the meaning of good pussy and I’m leaving the site for the night with so much more insight about so much. I enjoyed the “he made me love her” article as well as “the good pussy” article and am now a fan and returning reader.


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