The Future Future Future of Dating

While everyone else is afraid of or looking forward to robot girlfriends, I am contemplating a more realistic future of dating. Now… don’t get me wrong, I’d XXX EX MACHINA MOV JY 5556 .JPG A ENTdefinitely spend my life savings on an “Ex-Machina” capable girlfriend when and if it becomes available, however, I contend that even if technology advances much further than all of our collective wildest fantasies tomorrow, it will still have a hard time keeping up with “the real thing”. That being said, I think I have had a look into the future of dating and I’d like to share that vision with anyone that will listen.

Love, relationships, and dating have always had a frontier. The most recent of which was same sex. Before that, we had a very brief spat with interfaith dating, and before that we conquered interracial dating. If you follow the news any, you’d be led to believe that non-monogamy and polyamory are peeking over the horizon. But, I think the pundits are wrong. I believe the next frontier of dating and relationships is “iRelationships”, as in internet relationships.

Dating and relationships has always been limited by the available technology. There was a time when people dated over snail mail, transported by house and carriage. Now, e-mail, texting, video chatting, and dating apps make the distance between people, or more fyusespecifically the communication between people a lot easier. It’s only reasonable to think that this technology will steadily be improved to the point where all communication is instant and with added features. Maybe something like 3-D projected video chatting will facilitate phone sex in a whole new way. Instagram, tumblr, and snapchat  “models” could woo with an almost “live and in the flesh” rendering of their physiques. Can’t say that I wouldn’t drop some sizable coin on that capability either. But that’s not where I am stopping with my prediction. Remember the title was the “future future future of dating”.

Transportation is constantly being advanced and at some point we will live in a time where a trip to California from New York would only take an hour. That type of technology would only serve to increase one’s access to potential partners. Some people commute 2 hours to and from work with the technology that is currently available, so in an environment with highly advanced transportation technology it would only make sense for someone to root themselves in a low cost of living city, and work where pay is the greatest. That ease of transportation would easily lend itself to long distance relationships also. I believe the eventuality of this would be the decline of monogamy, due to the increase in accessibility of potential partners. Men and women across the nation, across seas, being able to access each other in under 5 hours from anywhere, live and in the flesh. Monogamy wouldn’t stand half a chance. People will revel in the ability to meet up with whomever, whenever. Just like old lovers couldn’t help but contact one another when facebook opened it’s access to all people. Does anyone remember that brief revolution? I know I surely do. Marriages were being destroyed all over the place. Polyamory/Multiamory would boom onto the scene like a wild fire in a dry forest.  But again, this is not the final step. We are only 2 “futures” in. Just in case you haven’t been able to keep up, it went

Interracial > Interfaith > Same sex > iRelationships > Polyamory

I believe the final frontier or the “future future future” of dating and relationships is “Micro-relationships”. Time, or more specifically, “duration” would be the only factor left to redefine. Hear me out. By the time this revolution would happen, technology would be so advanced that apps like “tinder” would instantly beam people together if they match. It would be that kind of dating scene. So, with everything available in a literal instant, there would be no need for relationships to have longevity. Men, women, and any other gender would be able to find at least 10 suitable partners in a day, regardless of where they are on earth, or maybe even our solar system. I think it would be very hard for any one person to stay in a single relationship configuration for very long given that our current society already suffers a hefty bit from FOMO. Instead of break ups, I think that this society would borrow from the polyamorous age and “transition” relationships instead; making relationships more fluid, just as everything else we rigidly believe currently is becoming more fluid; like sexuality, gender, and religion. Personally, I don’t think any of this would happen in my time. I predict that we’d reach the final frontier of dating and relationships somewhere around a thousand years from now, in the year 3000-ish.

Hell, maybe the concept of “time traveling love” will be after Micro-Relationships. I’d date someone from the 70’s if I could. That time period was like the second black renaissance to me. Could you imagine not strapping up on a time vacation and becoming your own granddad? Yuck! But that would be the future future future future of dating and relationships. And that’s not what the title says.


I believe the future of relationships is Micro-Relationships, where the duration of a relationship configuration no longer defines how successful it is or was. This would happen as a result of significant advancements in communication and transportation technologies. Making everything and everyone available at an instant.

Interracial > Interfaith > Same sex > iRelationships > Polyamory > Micro- Relationships >Time Travel Relationships


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