Being Conscious Sucks… [short]

egcRecently, I realized that generally, I am an angry person. But I don’t think that I’m angry just to be angry. I think I’m angry because I understand the world around me in a way that most other people don’t; conscious if you will. I’m angry because there is a lot to be angry about; the e-mail pictured on the left being a good example. The e-mail pictured is a thread involving my bosses’ boss, my boss, and my team. On the surface, my boss meant well, and so does the company I work for. It’s giving season. “Oh give to the less fortunate”, let’s have full participation”, “Look at us! We give. Ohhhhhh”. But then, they went and fucked all that up by tracking who’s giving and who isn’t. Additionally, they are judging managers by their team’s participation.  Like…seriously?!?!

I don’t fully blame the corporation for this type of behavior and culture because some idiot signed off on the idea of tracking the giving and putting pressure on those that don’t. We can’t always blame the big picture on a few dumb artist. I do, however, condemn my boss for being this dumb. He attempted to shame us for not giving in a voluntary giving campaign, in a written, recorded format nonetheless.

My Open Response to my Boss:

Disappointing?!?!?! How about considering the idea that everyone may not be in a financial situation where they can give, and shouldn’t be shamed for it. How about considering the idea that people may have a personal reservation from giving regardless of their financial situation. How about considering the idea that giving, in general, is fucking optional and we shouldn’t be judged for not making the same choice that you made. How about considering the idea that so many people chose not to give because there is a large compensation disparity between your level and our level, you privileged ass wipe.

How about I am disappointed in you for making such a short-sighted, and flawed snap judgement, as a person in charge of other people. 


Angry Because I Understand…

Shit like this is why I am angry all the time. I constantly feel the need to at least attempt to explain to people why their perspective is so limited and damaging to those around them. But I can’t. So, I choose my battles. And this is a battle that I chose not to participate in, at work at least. They already call me “combative”, which I don’t even mind. I am combative. I’m combative because there is a lot to combat around this mutha fucka and there shouldn’t be.

And so is the plight of the conscious person. Understanding on a deeper level, and having to hold it in most times.  Having to let a lot of things slide, just so that you can get through a day.

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