Thirsty [Prose-ish]

So what I prefer the company of a woman over that of my frat, or my bros, or men in general. At least let me be me in mixed company.

So what if I show interest because I am interested. So what if I like a lot of what I see. So what if I want to get to know her better, and her, and her, and her too.

So what if I  look at you with a lustful eye. Oh, I see…it’s my fault that you came out of the house, in that little bitty blouse, showing off all of your ass and titties.

So what if I stare from waaaaay over there. What do you care? If I come say hi, then it’s “Pssssshhh… boy bye”.

So what if I am vocal and emphatic about my attraction. At least you know what I am thinking. That’s…that’s what attraction is right? Like…How else am I supposed to look at a woman? None of us are mind readers, and…without conversation, there is no way for me to know how you think. So…evolution and common sense say I am left with what I see. At least that’s what makes sense to me.

So this…these things make me “thirsty”. Desperate for attention and interaction with the opposite sex. Spending my every waking moment thinking, plotting, attempting to meet, have conversations with, pick the brains of, be next to, and see women.

Ahaha ahahaha. Ironically,  we have nicknamed this “thirst”. You don’t get it? You don’t see the stupidity here? Let me explain. It just so happens that women are the givers of life,  the cup barriers, the receivers of our seed, the gateway into which we all have come into this world.

I have been to too many parties for me to count where women have been invited but don’t show. We call that a sausage fest and that is a failed party. I have been to clubs where the guy to girl ratio is terrible, men leave; and that’s the whole and entire reason women usually get in free. Have you ever heard of a strip club? A “gentleman’s club”, a “titty bar”. Yea it’s just this place where men come together and pay out ass loads of money just to see women naked.

But I’m creepy and repulsive because I’m thirsty. I think…we are supposed to be thirsty.

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