I am Illuminati

illuminati-bookHave you ever heard of the Illuminati? A lot of things are said and attributed to us. I’m personally writing this article, as requested by the order, to dispel the myths associated with Illuminati. Like all organizations, there are social constructs, procedures, and guidelines. Scouring the internet for our secrets will no longer be necessary. As it turns out, we have decided to take our illustrious organization partially public. There are some things that I am allowed to share with you in detail. At other points, I will only be able to allude. Nevertheless, the overall intent of this article is to finally publically acknowlede our existence.


First let’s disambiguate the Illuminati from its alleged associations. The Illuminati is not synonymous with:

  • The Freemasons
  • Satanist
  • Luciferianism (also known as the worship of Jupiter/Lupitor, roughly translates to Lucifer)
  • Walt Disney, and the Disney Company
  • The numerals 666

It’s also noteworthy that these things, in themselves, are not directly associated with each other with regard to a concerted agenda.  So, that leaves the question “What exactly is the Illuminati?” The Illuminati, better known as the Order of the Illuminati, is an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. Our goals are to oppose superstition and prejudice in all forms; to oppose the abuse of state powers; to promote and defend gender equality; to promote and defend the idea of the “Separation of Church and State”. I believe most people refer to our goals as the “New World Order”. This would be a proper rightedspherenomenclature, given the current state of world affairs. We call it the “restoration of the righted sphere”.  The symbol for this concept looks like this:


The Order is structured in what I like to call an “anti-structure”. There are no requirements after initiation. Occasionally we will sign to another brother or sister in passing, but beyond that, it’s mostly upon the member  to carry the loosely structured organization in any particular direction. Members can call upon one another in efforts to promote campaigns and agendas. We do, however, have a grand caucus every four years, however, members are not required to come. The time and place of the meeting is communicated throughout mass media in the form of a series of secret symbols and codes unrecognizable to the general public. Usually, the locations and times are congruous with other public conventions or events. In the past we have used Comic-Con, the Super Bowl, Woodstock, and even the Southern Baptist Convention to mask our presence in a particular area.


Becoming a member of the order is not easy by any means. The initiation process is entirely based on self-paced discovery, acceptance, and adaptation of truths. My initiation was roughly 2 and a half years. You can not apply to be a member of the order. However, if the order recognizes a worthy potential member, referred to as a “glint”, we will contact you and you will immediately begin your initiation, or as we call it, the glint will be “tapped”. There is one thing in particular that the order looks for in a glint. Glints are recognized by their seeking an answer to an eternal question. When the potential member earnestly seeks and finds the answer to that question, then and only then, is the potential member tapped to become a glint. There are 6 planes of initiation. Within each plane, are 6 cycles of provocation; and within each cycle of provocation are 6 principles. After initial contact with the order, the initiate is not contacted again until the completion of their initiation, which is unrecognized by the initiate. Upon completion of the 6 planes of initiation, the initiate is taken through a final initiation ritual commonly called “Birth”. I am not authorized to go into any further detail.


Famous members of the order include, but are not limited to Galilbeyeo, Stephen Hawking, John Legend, Neil Patrick Harris, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Beyonce’, Butterfly McQueen, Barack and Michelle Obama, Bobby Henderson, Samuel L. Jackson, Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, Trey Parker, Jennifer Hudson, Matt Stone, and Seth MacFarlane. Most people that the public attach to our organization are indeed members, but not for the reasons that the public say they are. Beyonce’ is a great example of this. It is well known that Jay-Z and Beyonce’ have been associated with us, however they were “tapped” to become members because of their philanthropy and moral ideas, in addition to seeking and finding the answer to the eternal question. At our encouragement Beyonce’ outed herself as a full fledged feminist, which as previously stated, is promotion of gender equality.


In an attempt to oppose superstition, as our goals state, we would like to address the myth that we are promoting a “Mark of the Beast”. To be clear, our original intent was to simplify, consolidate, and increase security of financial transactions. We launched a campaign to do this in the late 70’s and considered our campaign successful in the early 90’s. Our means of promotion are all legal. By no means does the order use underhanded tactics, bribes, or undue duress to promote it’s goals. What the public calls “The Mark of the Beast”, we refer to as the “Debit/Credit Card Banking System”.  The Debit/Credit Card system is one of our most successful campaigns, with the exception of older populous who simply refuse to change their banking habits. It is their right to refuse, as all people have the right to choose their banking experience. Advances in technology have continued our campaign without our involvement. Just as the Debit/Credit card system has become the primary method of banking, the RFID microchip system will also. The RFID microchip system is more secure and has the ability to store more information. Instead of potentially loosing your wallet or purse, the RFID microchip will be subdermally implanted in the skin, in between the ring and pinky finger, on the right or left hand. This makes purchases, identifications, and many other things as easy as a fist bump. The RFID microchip will also make identity theft and fraudulent transactions nearly impossible.  Again, the RFID microchip was not, and is not a part of our campaign, but it will revolutionize the banking system, so we are not opposed to it. As stated previously, all people have the option to participate. Those who choose not to, will have a similar experience as those who currently still write checks for their purchases.

Biblically speaking, the “Mark of the Beast” would be an internal, invisible, identification like a soul, spirit, or someone’s aura. Those who treat others unfairly, abuse their positions as elected officials, or prejudge have already “marked” themselves internally. In layman’s terms, it would be the same as “someone who gives off a bad vibe”. As an order we vehemently oppose superstition in all it’s forms; in doing so we do not promote organized religion and it’s beliefs to include heaven, hell, purgatory, souls/spirits, demons, the “Devil”, and dogma along the same lines.220px-Amero_symbol.svg

While on the topic of finances, We would also like to address the myth of the “Amero”. If you are not familiar with the Amero or the “North American Monetary/Currency Union”, it is a proposed currency consolidation of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The order is not involved with this campaign in any form or fashion, but just as the RFID microchip system, we do not oppose it, because it is the natural progression of currency, just as it is with the Euro.

We would also like to address the myth stating that we are fashioning or promoting an “Anti-Christ”. Let’s address the word “Anti-Christ”. By definition the “Anti-Christ” would encompass anything or anyone that goes against the teachings and beliefs of Jesus Christ/Yahweh. The belief or notion that a singular person, or being is coming to earth to be the “Anti-Christ” is wrong. The “Devil”/Satan is already the antagonist in the Biblical storyline, so there would not be a need to introduce another. What ability or task would the “Anti-Christ” have or carry out that the Devil/Satan wouldn’t already be working on? Biblically speaking the “Anti- Christ” would actually be identified as any false prophets, any sinner, or any activity that is outside the will of God. These things would include but not be limited to premarital sex, being a “drunkard”, pastors having sex with underage boys and girls in their congregations, the practices and teachings of radical Christianity like Westboro Baptist Church, “end of times” preachers like Harold Camping, the lusting after woman as in strip club, the abuse of drugs, and fear mongering media outlets. The Bible foretells of the “rise of the Anti-Christ”. It can reasonably be stated that the “Anti-Christ” is already risen in the form of the previously mentioned things.

Lastly, we would like to address the myth of “Blood/Family Sacrifices” to gain membership. This myth is a completely untrue. The Order of the Illuminati does not require a blood sacrifice to be admitted into it’s folds. However, in most cases in seeking and finding the answer to the eternal question, the initiates immediate circle of influence recognize the changes and powers bestowed upon the initiate, and begin to turn on the initiate. Because the change in the initiate is so stark, the initiates immediate circle of influence does not understand, or know how to deal with the change; most often causing them to act in sporadic and unpredictable behavior. In other incidents, which we will not name specifically out of respect for the families and the dead, familial deaths have been purely coincidental, but still attributed to the order. The very idea that we would condone or promote human sacrifice is despicable.

In closing, the order hopes that we have been able to “clear the air” and dispel many myths associated with us. We strive to achieve our goals by forthright means and positive influences just as I forefathers did.

Fac quid vis sit summa Legis Amor est lex amoris in voluntate

© Stephen R. Freshley and wordbending, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Stephen R. Freshley and Word Bending a secret but not so secret blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

5 thoughts on “I am Illuminati

  1. i want help to join the great illuminati,am from Uganda aged 23 yrs i have had that love for the illuminati


  2. I have been reading a lot of junk on the Internet for a while and I’m a Christian however I don’t believe for one minute weather one is atheist or satinast or pagan that nobody is trying to hurt anyone it would be absolutely counterproductive I think that the wealthy possibly Freemasons are trying to make things better and I don’t believe they will take away religious freedoms at all but maybe they are sick of hateful fanatics and are only teaching tolerance to make this world a safer place and that pertains to them as well for being tolerant of Christians if the bible comes to be and revaluation happens don’t worry about it trust God believe in Jesus and be loving and tolerant of everything and everyone on earth and help those who need it if we don’t see revaluation then great enjoy life travel and care. I don’t believe in mind control unless you sighnd up for it and I love Disney I grew up on it I still can’t pick my favorite princess there’s no child abusers in this nwo nobody’s trying to hurt our children just the handfuls of pedifiles and there every place the presidents and famous people aren’t evil at least not more than you or I. All these crazy paranoid YouTube sights they need a life none of its true and I wasted my time reading it UGGHEWW


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