Kevy Kakes- West End Atlanta

IMG_1453In one of the most unlikely places of West End Atlanta sprang a new, and much needed change to the community. Kevy Kakes, selling only soft drinks and sweet cupcakes, arrived on the scene about 2 months ago. It is co-located with the “Mall West End”, a few steps away from the main entrance. Kevy Kakes offers a variety of exotically flavored cupcakes, specializing in alcohol infused ones named after familiar mixed drinks like “Sex on the Beach”. The inside of the store is simple, cute, and quaint. It is hard not to smile and feel like a kid in a candy store walking in. The staff are friendly and talkative.IMG_1454 The cupcakes…are…um…for lack of a better word “boozey”. I tried a “Sex on the Beach” and a “Patron Margarita” and boy let me tell ya. When I bit into both cupcakes I tasted the alcohol first, and following long behind it was the familiar taste of sweet cake. While the taste of the alcohol is a bit overwhelming at first, it does settle in your mouth after a few bites; much like an actual drink made by a heavy handed bartender. The cupcakes are very charming and delightful in appearance. Given the store’s location and price of about $2.75 per cupcake, I would recommend checking it out. But I’d warn you to stay away from the alcohol infused cupcakes if you are not a regular drinker. I believe that the West End of Atlanta is ready to welcome in a change to businesses like Kevy Kakes from the usual liquor stores, Chinese restaurants, dollar discount shops, and fast food chains.

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