Desta- Restaurant Review

destaEvery time I think that I know my city, it surprises me. Atlanta will do that to you and that is why I love my city so much. I was invited out by a friend to try Desta. I had never heard of it, and because I’d never heard of it I was leery. Ethiopian cuisine did not sound like a fun night. I went into the night with a closed mind. However, Desta is a game changer.

Desta’s open air patio on a summer night was all I could have wished for. The staff was very polite and attentive. The parking was easy because I got there before the crowd showed. However, I would caution anyone that is going after 9pm that parking is going to be a big issue. Not because there is a shortage of it, but because there are so many people there. This place is very popular. Which again, puzzles me on why I’d never heard of it.

photo 1

Chicken Tid Bits

Nestled comfortably on the out skirts of Atlanta, Ga on Briarcliff road is this cultural experience I think everyone should have at least once. The wait was about an hour for a table but it was well worth it. Because I’d never been here I let my friend suggest a meal for me. I went with what I thought was a safe bet, chicken. The Chicken tid bits with injera to be exact.  She ordered the fish tid bits. Now don’t let the appearance fool you. It may all look strange but the second it hits your tongue all doubt leaves you. Everything was seasoned perfectly and tasted great. Ordering the injera is the more traditional experience which means eating with your hands. I found eating with my hands to be very fun, but the silverware was still available.  The menu is expansive and is bound to have something that anyone could like. They even have a wide variety for vegetarians.

photo 2

Fish Tid Bits w/rice

The prices were very low as opposed to it’s two dollar sign rating I have seen on other sites. My friend and I were full with food left over to take home for just under $25.

Desta is a perfect first date spot during the summer. I would recommend sitting on the patio for the best experience. The lighting is just light enough for you to see your guests’ face. The warm summer air and restaurant atmosphere make you feel as though you have left Atlanta all together and ended up with a large group of strangers in some unknown utopia with maids to care for your every need. I can’t say enough about this place. I will definitely revisit soon and you should too. I’m glad that it only takes about 15 minutes to travel to a new world.


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