How do I Explain Right and Wrong to My Daughter?

I will be brief, curt even. The Affluenza bug has become a full scale epidemic in America and is spreading fast.  Infections of Affluenza result in wealthy, white men getting off in grand fashion. Three cases in particular have made public news and no one is outraged. All of these wealthy white men have plead guilty. And all of them have been given a proverbial slap on the wrist for felonies. Down right, undeniable, wrong as the day is long felonies. First, Ethan Couch, guilty of vehicular homicide. Then Dupont heir Robert H. Richards, guilty of raping his 3 year old daughter.  Now, S.C. Johnson heir Curt Johnson, guilty of raping his 12 year old step-daughter. None of them with more than a year sentence in jail. As a country we have many lows in our history, but this is something that we can stop and prevent. Is there no accountability? Is there no justice?  We must draw the line somewhere.  These men have broken the law and have gotten away with nary a scratch. How do I explain the difference between right and wrong to my daughter in the face of these cases? As a country, the message we are sending right now is “Wealthy white men are above the law” and we are setting a terrible legal precedence that will be very hard to come back from once it is firm. Legal Precedence in the American judicial system is like the Rosetta Stone of law. Yes, there are laws on the books but the interpretation of those laws as exhibited by judgments is the real meat and potatoes.  If we address the issue now, we can stop it before it spreads any further. If we do nothing, it will be too late when it comes full circle. We need to raise awareness on this foolishness and stop affluenza in it’s tracks. Click the pictures below and send this to someone you know.

If you care to help raise awareness and have President Obama personally address this issue, please sign the petition to stop affluenza in America here

Thank you.


pic 3pic2pic1



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