Mustard Seed BBQ

mustardseedPrice Range per plate: $7-$21

Bucket List Worthy: Damn Skippy!

Nestled in one of the roughest parts of Atlanta, my home the West End , is an unassuming mom and pop barbeque place that you have never heard of and probably will never hear of unless you talk to someone who has been here. There are no frills, no gimmicks, and a very small sign. I have lived in the West End of Atlanta most of my life and never noticed it. Imagine my embarrassment when a friend/co-worker that lives no where near here told me about this place in my back yard. Enough introduction let’s get to the food.

chkn bbqThis food is by far the best Barbeque in Atlanta. Hands down, no contest. I am a regular attendee of the Barbeque Festival held here once a year and I tell you that without a doubt they have all of the contestants of that festival beat by a mile like Usain Bolt in a foot race in Jamaica. The food is so good that I give them my own money back guarantee. If you eat there on my recommendation and are not satisfied, send me the receipt and I will pay for your food. The story goes like this: A week ago a friend/co-worker gave me her crab soup from Whole Foods and it was good. I asked her to bring me some more and she agreed. In exchange she asked that I bring her a chicken plate from this place. I’d never heard of it but she raved about the food. She had a thousand yard stare and starry eyes when she talked about it. I agreed. I went there, incidentally on an empty stomach, just to fulfill my end of the deal. But when I walked in I had to try the food. The smell was like no other. Just a warm deliciousness that you could taste in the air. The inside was noticeably clean, unlike many other barbeque restaurants in Atlanta that have a “just don’t touch the walls” look to them. The prices were reasonable. I ordered a “Rib sandwhich”, $7, which in barbeque restaurant speak means a bunch of meat with two slices of bread on the side [not pictured because it made it into my mouth faster than I could remember to take out my phone]. Easily the best $7 I have ever spent. When I opened my to-go plate there were 5 ribs and 4 rib tips. Not the skimpy bones. No, the bones full of meat. Easily enough food for two people to be satisfied. Which made me wonder if this was just a “sandwhich” then how much food comes with a half slab? The meat was drenched in an Auburn orange BBQ sauce that I soon discovered is the nectar of the gods. It is obviously mustard based in taste but as for the rest of the ingredients I have no clue. You’d have to taste it for yourself. I’d put that sauce on my tooth brush and brush my teeth with it. The meat was tender and perfectly smoked. I don’t want to keep going on and on about it so let me just say this. If I had just eaten and was full, and was made to choose between a free plate from here and a blow job, I’d take the free plate.

I chatted with the owner before I left. He said that they have been there over 6 years and that they only get business by word of mouth, no advertising needed. I agreed. This place is the Beyonce secret album drop of the barbeque world.
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