Twerking is Not a Dance

I realize that Twerking is past it’s popularity prime, however I do not think that it is going anywhere anytime soon. That being said I thought it appropriate to define it so that all of the “new comers” could understand why it is so popular. My girlfriend has stated on several occasions ” I don’t get it…it’s just some girl shaking her ass. What’s the big deal?”. Twerking was never meant for woman to understand. It is the realization of a “penis culture” dream. Maybe my definition can shed some light on what I mean. Also, let me say that twerking is not a dance per se. The “Two step” or the “Cupid Shuffle” is a dance.



-The enthusiastic and vigorous pantomiming of the “Reverse Cow Girl” sexual position.

Twerking is more of a mating call. It is derived from African Culture. If you have ever watched “Discovery Channel” and seen naked African woman dancing around a fire with the men sitting off to the side, watch it closely. At some point in that segment those woman will bend over and “bust it open”. That’s because they are enticing the men off to the side to mate or to show them that they are good for mating so that they can be chosen for marriage. It is an exhibition of skill and will to sexually please a man. Men are mesmerized by it because it instantly invokes the mental picture of having sex with that woman. So when woman twerk, men see this:

twerkingThink about that the next time you post a video. I’m not hating. I love twerking. I have been a fan since I can remember. I just want everyone to understand what is really going on.

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