“Swinging” is dead.

profitI take issue with whatever, where ever I find it. As I have stated before, I take extreme issue with profiteering in the lifestyle. I won’t get into the details of why I believe “Swinging” is dead because I have done so before in an article entitled “The He(art) of $winging“. This post serves as another example of how “Swinging”, “the lifestyle”, “stylin” has turned from gathering people of like minds under one roof to have fun to revenue generating main stream capitalism.

Let’s address the issues I have with the party being advertised in the above and below picture as they appear. I have highlighted the things I would like to focus on.

profitThe party host has elected to enforce an additional $10 fee for not RSVPing before the door is locked the day of the party. This is done presumably to encourage party goers to arrive before the door is locked and so that the party planner can accurately gauge how many people will be attending. I have planned and hosted many a successful and not so successful party so I understand the need for forewarning, however encouraging party goers to arrive at whatever time is an effort in futility. People are going to show up when they get good and ready. He has all the right in the world to lock the door at 12a but he will probably be in there by himself as the culture of lifestylers  are in part post night club attendees. Meaning they attend life style parties after they have gone to a dance club/ strip club. But that is beside the point. The point is that there is no purpose for the additional $10 other than pure profit. You would think that it would be to cover the additional cost of having someone attend the party that you hadn’t planned on but it is not so.

As you read further down in the invite you see BYOB (bring your own bottle), BYOC (bring your own condoms), and bring your own hygiene goods. Somewhere in there is something about bringing food/dishes for the party too. These are all the overhead cost that a host usually takes the risk of purchasing up front and charges to cover at the door. In addition to requesting that you BYOB, the party host has requested that your bring a premium bottle, which cost more, AND the bottle is not even for your personal consumption. It is for the house as stated in the first paragraph. So again what does the $10 cover? Nothing…

Let’s look at this from the hosts’ perspective. We will assume that the party will be at the hosts’ house as he stated he will lock the door. Which is fine. In this example, the host has not spent any money or taken any risk to host other than the understood risk of having any kind of party at your house. The food, alcohol, hygienic goods, and condoms have all been provided by the guest. So why in the world is the host charging $50 without a bottle, $40 with one for single males and $30 without a dish, $20 with one for couples? This party should/would be free if it’s purpose were bringing people together. But it’s not.

Because I have raised this issue before, I know the party host love to cry fowl at this point and say something like “we are offering amenities”, which is why I like to screen capture things. As it stands this party invite does not advertise anything other than the party itself and a party game. No overhead there. Then host like to cry “cleaning fee”. Let’s assume the hosts’ house is a five bedroom three bathroom house. I highly doubt that it is but I could be wrong. The going rate on the market for cleaning services is $40 per bedroom for standard cleaning, other rooms included. The cost of cleaning before and after this party would be $400.

Let’s assume 4 couples, 4 single males, 3 non-RSVP single males, and a bunch of negligible non-payers show for the party (including the cost of a bottle at $40/bottle and $30/per dish for couples).

That is $830 in fees. Which is $430 in profit for the host with no overhead, pure profit.

In addition, as the flyer states in so many words, the “cool crowd” gets in free so the only people that are getting hosed in this deal are the newbies. Which is not cool because the lifestyle is constantly trying to recruit new people. If anyone should be paying it should be the people that are familiar. Wouldn’t you think you would get a whole lot more people to try us out if there is no risk and no price?

But that is just how I think. If everyone is okay with the lifestyle being what it has become then I guess I will have to deal or dash. But just know…it wasn’t always like this. It used to be more fun.

© Stephen R. Freshley and wordbending, 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Stephen R. Freshley and Word Bending a secret but not so secret blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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