Et Tu America?

75ff5061-e3cf-4c27-9313-fcb86a72ff43_AP13071307248In most good murder mystery, good cop, revenge movies the driving clue for the protagonist is to “follow the money”. Art mimics life and I believe such is the case with the acquittal of George Zimmerman. Please lend me a moment of your time to explain my speculative correlation.

Peeling back the race layer, the flimsy “Stand your ground” law layer, and the “suspicious persons” layer of this case we are left with a core issue that has not too long left the lime light of main stream media in America; gun control. Between 2012 and 2013 gun control has been the topic of much debate and eyed for reform. Legislation being the band wagon committee that it is  feed off of main stream media stories to fuel the fire for their proposed bills. In 2012 there was the Sandy Hook incident. Then in 2013 there have been a myriad of shooting incidents that all point towards gun laws and gun control. And then there is Mr. Zimmerman, an overzealous, want-to-be cop, armed and on the hunt. Yet another largely publicized incident that reveals the ugly underskirt of America’s gun laws. Stick with me here. Remember we are following the money. Initially, Zimmerman was just another person that shot another person, but with publicity he became the leader of “protecting yourself” laws. Almost overnight Zimmerman raised upwards of $77,000 for his defense as reported by the L.A. Times. That is a lot of scratch to come out of no where for a nobody. Do you see where I am going yet? No? Well let me show you.

I am willing to bet a brand new dollar bill that Mr. Zimmerman is a card carrying member of the NRA (National Gun & Rifle Association). It is common knowledge that the NRA has and always will push/lobby for relaxed gun laws in America. So what do you think happens to the NRA image when a member attempting to “protect his neighborhood”gets indicted for murder? Exactly…It makes them all look bad. Gun laws and gun control recently skated out of the lime light but this case would have escorted it right back in. Except for the fact that trayvonGeorge Zimmerman was acquitted. His lawyer…probably paid for discreetly by the NRA. Blame the rest on spin. We are so focused on race, and state laws, that we forgot to follow the money. Money is always the motive. Money turned an overzealous, want-to-be cop that made the horrible decision of exiting his vehicle in pursuit of a young man into a poster child for self protection. As a matter of fact, acquitting Zimmerman will probably drive gun sales even higher because the people who feel like he is guilty will feel the need to arm themselves against people like Zimmerman. It’s a win/win for pro-gun.

The Associated Press reported that the late Treyvon Martin’s brother, Jahvaris Fulton, tweeted simply “Et tu America” upon hearing that his brothers killer was acquitted. I assert that he did this out of confusion. America has never pledged any other allegiance than to money. In light of my speculation I believe that a more fitting tweet would have been “Annuit Coetis…Novus Ordo Seclorum”.


Side Note on Black America’s Reaction to Zimmerman’s Acquittal

Seriously…you are surprised? Did you really think that “justice” would be served in a country where black people were once counted as 3/5ths of a person, and the government has yet to acknowledge or apologize for the atrocity of slavery and it’s affects on it’s ancestors? “Oh yea let’s riot and run the streets now.. Let’s change our profile pictures on social media in support of Trayvon…We have to do something about this!!!!”.”This” is hardly even the issue. “This” is a new face on the issue. “This” is but a chipped fragment floating in the vicinity of the colossal iceberg of an issue. We should have been had our acts together. It is a crying shame that it takes a tragedy as this to get our people, black people, to see where we stand. In the famous words of Huey Freeman “meh…I’m retired”.  I’ll be behind my keyboard. That is my place and contribution to the struggle. What is yours?

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One thought on “Et Tu America?

  1. I follow u and i followed the money. It is an interesting perspective; however, i still think its more to it than that. From the beginning, the media put its own twist on things to the point where no one even knows which side is up.


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