Beware of Brandsmart USA

complaint2So my girlfriend just moved into her new house, Yay Karen. As a house warming gift I bought, or will be buying again, A Roku 3. I am trying to get her to be a “cord cutter”. I went to the BrandsMart USA in Doraville and purchased the product. No hassle. I got to my girlfriends new house, Yay Karen, and opened the box only to find that the plastic around the inner box was already undone. No biggie right? I went ahead and un-boxed it only to find out that the headphones and double “A” batteries that were supposed to be included were not there. I immediately got on the phone with the BrandsMart of Doraville “TV section” manger and told him a thing or two. After getting the runaround for a minute they offered to replace it if I brought it back. Major inconvenience. I live in “West End” Atlanta which is approximately 20+ miles from that Brands Mart. Whatever right? So Karen went to the near by store to buy a pack of Double “A” batteries. When we put the brand new batteries into the remote and hooked the system up, it didn’t work.

Hi, my name is Stephen R. Freshley and I am not to be fucked with when it comes to my electronics. The Roku 3 is nothing but a Rasberry Pi with a preloaded custom made android operating system and “wheels”. Meaning I could turn that non-operating Roku into a freaking super computer if I so chose, but that is not my point. My point is that I know what the hell I am doing and that customer experience was some bullshit. I took it back less than 24 hours after purchasing it and immediately asked to see the “TV manager”. When he arrived IMG_0412I told him this:

Look, yesterday your department sold me a used item as new which is illegal. For this transgression I would like 2 brand new Roku 3’s because what just happened at this store, in your section, is illegal. He stated “let me see if we have these in stock” and returned twenty minutes later with the offer of replacing the used one and giving me $10 on gas for travel as the “best he could do”. I told him “well I would like my money back”. I don’t have to spend money at your place of business Mr. “TV Manager”! He should have taken the deal. Now he has to deal with the store manager on his neck because the branch manager is going to be on his neck for the complaint I just filed with the Georgia Governor’s Office office of Consumer Protection. Not to mention the “nasty gram” that is on it’s way right now to the branch manager’s e-mail. How in the world do you try to sell an open box, non-operational Roku 3 as new? I wrote in permanent marker on top of the box “Does Not Work” so that they wouldn’t attempt to sell it to someone else. I would have written it on the Roku itself if I wasn’t scared of not getting my money back.

Granted the evidence is IMG_0415circumstantial, but people have been sentenced to life in prison with no parole with less. So I say this to you friend, buyer beware. DO NOT SHOP AT BRANDSMART USA.

[Update 20130608]

Around or after 5pm the same day I posted this article I received a call from the “Lead Manager” or store manager…some manager. They gave me a $100 gift card for my troubles, with which I immediately purchased the Roku 3 for my girlfriend Karen, Yay Karen. But at this point was it worth it? I spent approximately $17.52 on gas, over 3 days, plus 120 miles in travel. Where as the company suffered an online embarrassment, a ding on their history with the Georgia Governor’s office of Consumer Protection, and a loss on profit for the item. Did it really take all of this? Nope…and this is the exact reason why Wal-mart, as evil as they are, is putting electronics stores like BrandsMart USA, Best Buy, and the late Circuit City out of business and to shame. This is the age of technology. I did not spend an hour trying to decide what I wanted to purchase or need the assistance of a “knowledgeable” salesman. I’d already researched it online. I walked in, and walked back out. We, the techie consumer, need quality inventory and convenience. That is all. If you can’t give us that, and have to double back and give gift cards for messing up an easy sale, then your business is bound to fail. It’s that simple. But thanks for the Roku 3. Karen is happy, which is what matters. But she is ten times worse than me. And on everything I love I promise you that she will never step foot in a BrandsMart USA while she is on this side of heaven.

One thing or person better yet, I forgot to mention. The poor over middle aged black sales guy that sold me the first Roku 3. He gets paid off of commission. I don’t know what percentage. When I went back in to redeem my gift card he was assigned to another section of “TV’s”. In the end, he and his family are the ones that have truly been affected. Some lazy stocking employee, or misguided manager, or whomever just cost him a sale. I know for a fact that when a customer refunds an item they take the commission back. Some random West Indian looking guy got the gift card sale. Is that fair? Nope. But neither is placing an open box item back on the shelf as new. And that’s life. The End.


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