All You Can Eat Korean BBQ – 100 Dishes

6782Creative Loafing Bucket Listed Dish: All You Can Eat BBQ

Price for 2 (including tip): $67

Bucket List worthy?: YEP!!!!

Koren BBQ or Gogigui (meaning meat + roasting) is very popular in Korea and seems to have become popular in America sometime around the 80’s. Korean BBQ restaurants vary little on their servings, instead the cooking apparatus is the variable. From what I can tell the three most popular apparatuses are a heated slate, an open fire, and a dome. I have not tried the dome, but the open fire is definitely better than the heated slate. 678 is an open fire type which some what lends to the over all experience when there is a 400 plus degree bowl of open coals passing by you at the beginning and middle of your meal. That alone is enough to take anyone out of their comfort zone. 678 has a very inviting environment. The only draw back is that most of the staff do not speak a great deal of English. I believe all of the staff speak some English, but there was definitely a language barrier at the conversational level.

The All You Can Eat BBQ is, excuse my use of a gay clichPhoto 2013-05-05 08.00.18 AMe, too die for. There was just so much food. The variations of meat cuts and assortment of side dishes made me feel like a fat kid. You can’t help but smile. The best cut of meat was the marinated pork. I don’t know why they don’t start the meal off with this meat. The best side was “fish cake”, also known as kamaboko. It tasted nothing like fish. It was just delicious. 678 earned its place on the bucket list because it stands out from other Korean BBQ restaurants. 678 is going to make sure that every single one of your taste buds is activated and tantalized. Finally, at the end of the meal you are served “sweet rice water”, also known as Shik-Hae, which is supposed to help with digestion. I didn’t notice any help with digestion, but it was the perfect sweet and light dessert for the feast. I’m happy.

Photo 2013-05-05 08.00.30 AMPhoto 2013-05-05 08.56.24 AMPhoto 2013-05-05 08.57.14 AMPhoto 2013-05-05 08.58.39 AMPhoto 2013-05-05 08.57.44 AM
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