Pecan Waffle- 100 Dishes

wafflehouseCreative Loafing “Bucket List” Dish: Pecan Waffle

Price for 1: $3.60

Bucket List Worthy?: Nope…

Because the location is Waffle House I wanted very badly for this review to have an over the top, super dramatic, Hangover-esque story to accompany it. A good “see this is what happened right…” story isn’t really good until it gets to the part that goes “and that’s not even it! We went to Waffle House because there was no where else to go and…”.  Unfortunately  it does not. It’s just Waffle House. And the same goes for the bucket listed pecan waffle…it’s just a waffle with pecans in it. I don’t know what I expected. Meh…If you live in Atlanta and have been out past midnight then you have visited a Waffle House at some time or other. Maybe if someone is from the northern states or the mid-west, then and only Photo 2013-04-21 08.26.39 AMthen would a pecan waffle be something special. I don’t know what northerners eat at 3am. But even then its still nothing special about it and this list was meant specifically for Atlanta dwellers so maybe I missed something . It’s filling, it’s cheap, it’s sweet, and it pairs phenomenally with drunk. I’m really looking for something else to say about it…

If you’re looking for something bucket list worthy to order from any Waffle House, order a Waffled bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. This of course is not on the menu. Ask the waitress to use two halves of a waffle to replace the bread, and press it on the grill. She won’t like you and neither will the cook, but it’s delicious.

Regarding this “Bucket List” of 100 dishes you should try, there is something not quite right about it. Again I will reserve final judgement until I have finished at least half of the list.

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