My writing addiction has definitely taken hold of me today. I am writing this at this time against my better judgement and somewhat against my will. There is less than an hour standing between me and my departure for my night shift job. I have not chosen anything to gird my loins, I am yawning incessantly due to a lack of sleep, and I have no idea how long it will take me to finish this article, but I am inspired.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were trying to coin an adjective to describe people who have just learned/experienced something that is common place to cultured people, then try to lord it over others as if the knowledge/experience was something they’d always had. The incident that catalyzed our brain storming session happened on Facebook, the nesting ground for idiocy. A friend of my girlfriend’s ate edamame for the first time in her life at almost 30 and decided to post a status to Facebook to the tune of something like “damn…what kind of niggas ain’t ever ate edamame before? Step your culture game up! #internationalflow”.  Luckily this idiot is not my Facebook friend. But if she was, my reply would have been Ohhh that’s cool. Did that edamame come as an appetizer to your Kobe beef or your sweet and sour chicken?”. I crack myself up.

Since then I have been wrecking my brain to create this adjective. Today finally, as I was getting out of the shower thinking about the cold air whipping over my genitalia, the word came to me. “Neo-noetic”.

Neo– a combining form meaning “new,” “recent,” “revived,” “modified,” used in the formation of compound words: neo-Darwinism; Neolithic; neoorthodoxy; neophyte.

Noetic– Of or relating to mental activity or the intellect.

Neo-noetic- to have a new understanding of; or having been recently introduced to an experience or information widely known and regarded common place to a specific genre, culture, or lifestyle.

Used in a sentence:

After boasting for several hours about how much time he’d spent studying  enology, the husband’s neo-noetic wine suggestions embarrassed his wife, because the wine he chose to pair with the steak was a dessert wine.

I want you to know, reader, that I really REALLY gave it my best shot at that sentence. Don’t judge me, I’m new at this. One may even say that the sentence was *dramatic pause* neo-noetically written… *see picture below*

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