Granola + Yogurt – 100 Dishes

Photo 2013-04-19 10.13.05 AMCreative Loafing “Bucket List” dish: Granola + Yogurt

Price for 1: $3.78 (sheesh)

Bucket List Worthy?: Very much so…if it’s a bucket list of things to waste money on!

This review will be brief, curt even; because I wasted my time and money going to the “Octane Coffee Bar” this morning. Again with the fucking parking! Ugh… It took longer for me to find a parking space then it did to make the purchase. I’m pretty sure I was parked illegally as a number of other patrons were. Strike one. The service was fast and friendly but for this “dish” to be bucket listed and with a name like “Granola + Yogurt” I was definitely not expecting a prepackaged “hand out”. This thing was damn near sample size. Like it should have come free with a coffee or something. Strike two. They should change the name to “Three crunched up Granola bars + a dab of Sour Cream in a cup”.  Yes, the damn yogurt tasted like sour cream. I don’t know if it was natural Photo 2013-04-19 10.13.30 AMyogurt or what but blah.Strike three.

It was actually pretty tasty once I mixed the granola and sour cream but there was not nearly enough sour cream to mix with the entirety of granola. Nor did the taste justify the price. I feel like I got punked.  I usually say something about the establishment but I won’t even bother. Don’t go. This is obviously a frou-frou, “La De Daa”, “I-have-nothing-better-to-do-with-my-money-so-I-spend-my-mornings-here-thinking-about-what-to-buy-next” kind of place. This adds another strike to my suspicion that at least in part this “Bucket List” was “pay to play”. Moving on…

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