Fried Egg Sandwhich – 100 Dishes

Photo 2013-04-19 10.13.51 AMCreative Loafing “Bucket List” Dish:Fried Egg Sandwich

Price for 1: $8.64 (large enough to be shared)

Bucket List Worthy?: Yes

What could I say about the West Egg Cafe? There is a lot but I will keep my notes brief-ish. As a some what spoiled Atlantien, I make it a point to steer clear of establishments where I know there is going to be a parking issue. I feel as if it takes away from the eating experience and shows a lack of care on the owners part. West Egg is definitely located in one of those areas I usually steer clear of, and yes there was a parking issue. I had planned on spending my last morning off of work eating here but there was no  free parking available sans several “20 minutes only” spots. So I ordered my food to-go. Strike one… Any who, West Egg is a restaurant. I was kind of expecting a dive/dash eatery. There is a nook to your immediate left when you walk in. Something like you would see at a Starbucks. There was also a Photo booth which I thought was way cool. I guess I can’t really say anything bad about the time it took to make the sandwich since it is a restaurant. It was very fast service if we are using that measure. Another plus is that they had music playing but it was not blaring like a lot of restaurant do. Nothing kills an enjoyable meal like not being able to hear yourself think. While waiting for my food I noticed a number of “ICE” agents and what seemed to be bounty hunters. So this is not the place to go if you have outstanding warrants, are an illegal immigrant, or just generally have trouble with “the law”. My food was given to me by the cook. A 60 plus sprite, white haired woman with a New York accent. She said “you Stephen?” to which I replied “yea…”, “You behaving out here?”, “yes ma’am…”, well here’s you food go on get out-a-here”. I loved Photo 2013-04-19 10.12.53 AMPhoto 2013-04-19 10.14.17 AMit!

The sandwich included a choice of side like grits, fruit, potatoes and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t remember. What I do remember is that it was enough options to satisfy my whim if needed. I was a little disappointed in the price tag but after getting the sandwich I was appeased. It was really a double portion, same with my side of potatoes.  I didn’t even come close to finishing it. Also, it was a lot more than just a Fried Egg sandwich. It was more like The Fried Egg sandwich. I’m not sure of all the things that were in it, I know I tasted sweet onion and a great helping of delicious god sent bacon, but it was damn good. If this were a drop in/drop out kind of place I would definitely eat one of these weekly. I never know how to end these reviews. I feel like I should have a corny tag line like “this has been S. Freshley with your food review and remember farting in pubic is not illegal yet…”

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