Toffee Coffee Arctic Swirl- 100 Dishes

Photo 2013-04-18 10.52.40 AMCreative Loafing “Bucket List” dish: Toffee Coffee Arctic Swirl

Price for 2: $6.80

Bucket List Worthy?: Yes

Eager to knock another dish off of the list, I bee lined to this Zestos located in “Little 5 points”,  my absolute favorite part of Atlanta. I do not remember when I was introduced to this area, but I know that I have been in love since. Little 5 points is a melting pot for all things counter culture, anti main stream, and tres bizarre. There you can find a co-op whole foods mart, several fashion boutiques, my favorite boutique cup cake shop, skate board and bicycle shops, and even a record store that still sells records.  It seemed peculiar to me that Creative Loafing would specify this Zestos in particular when there are 5 other Atlanta locations, but once I tasted the listed dish I understood. Photo 2013-04-18 10.52.18 AMThe atmosphere of the place is what you would expect from any “classic” fast food restaurant. The stools and floor were noticeably clean, which I commend. The employees were a buzz yet friendly, helpful and fast. It only took them about 2 minutes to make my Arctic Swirls. I was surprised to be handed two unmarked disposable cups, I was expecting that a food chain as big as Zestos  would brand everything leaving their doors. Nonetheless, I opened it to see what looked like a delicious mess of toffee, chocolate, and ice cream. One spoonful was all it took to make my taste buds dance. I love ice cream. I really love good ice cream, and this is good ice cream. I ate another spoonful just to make sure that I was tasting things correctly and it was consistent with the first. I was a little baffled as to how these normal ingredients, that I watched the employee mix, could turn out so good. I kept eating thinking that like all ice cream mixes there is always those couple of spoonfuls that don’t have all the “bits”, but no every bite down to the last corner had the perfect blend of toffee, coffee, ice cream and I’m assuming ground unicorn horn.  There is nothing left to say about this one. It deserves it’s place on Creative Loafing’s “Bucket List of 100 Dishes”.

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