Busy Bee Cafe- 100 Dishes

busybeeCreative Loafing “Bucket list” dish – Fried Chicken

Price for 2– $28.90 no drink, no tip

Bucket list worthy?: Nawl

Nestled away in one of the roughest neighborhoods, on one of the roughest streets, less than 10 minutes from my house, sits this local Soul Food restaurant. Established over 60 years ago Busy Bee Cafe has enjoyed the patronage of some of Atlanta’s elite residents and visitors. What keeps them in business however is the locals. The insides of the building are “petite” and “quaint”. I can’t imagine trying to eat there on a busy day. Even in the middle of the week with most of it’s seating full the parking was some what of a pain. So I ordered my food to-go.  Photo 2013-04-17 07.35.30 PMThere was virtually no wait and while there I saw some friends of mine. Oh yea…the fried chicken. It was good, but not “bucket list” good. “The South” and Georgia are kind of a mecca for good fried chicken. I could throw a rock from where I presently sit and hit 6 places that sell fried chicken just as good. My grandmother next door makes better, but I am sure that part is due to bias. Everyone in Atlanta compares the fried chicken they buy to their grandmother’s or some relative. The side dishes were more mentionable then the fried chicken. It is very rare for a Soul Food restaurant to have mentionable sides.

Overall, considering the price and taste…Creative Loafing probably could have left this one off of the list especially knowing that in a 10 mile radius of my house I can get fried chicken just as good for considerably less money. And because Creative Loafing seemingly made it a point of leaving Mary Mac’s off of it’s list, I am going to go ahead and say that this is the first sign of “Pay to Play”. But I will reserve final judgment of this point until I have conquered at least half the list.
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