The Hunt

It is high noon on a Thursday. The winds are at 20 Kts South by south west. The air is hot and dry. A sniper and his shooter are perched high above the scenery of the urban jungle, nestled into a comfortable corner off in the distance. There is a pack of two that stands out amongst the flock frolicking in the spring warmth. Anxious to bear the sun on their hind parts, the  pack of two “peacock” as they meander through the flock to establish dominance. Fresh from the womb of their winter coats the scene is alive with vibrant colors. The shooter dials in on the lesser of the two. She is an easier kill, less movement, and more willingness to lay down at any sign of a threat. The spotter calls out the mark:

“Send it”


The shooter engages the target. A single shot rings out and the flock scatters.

“Come up two centimeters”


The lesser is stunned. Hit in the groin of all places. She staggers momentarily, bewildered by the attack so early in the season.. Realizing her fate she is now still, waiting on the sweet song of defeat to play in her ears.

“Target mark…Send it”


Another shot rings out and the lesser is down.

“Target acquired”

The spotter and shooter share a sigh of relief. The mission had been easy, almost too easy. The late spring had caused an almost instant onset of “choosing” season. They laughed as they watched the target succumb to the inevitable.

“It’s all down hill from here good sir, that’s a head shot.”


All of their waiting, preparation, and training surmounted to this moment, as it had been every season. Even though they had shared many moments almost identical to this, there was always something special about that first kill of the season.

“So, when will I see you again?”

“As soon as you like…”

“That sounds like a plan ma’am. We can do whatever you like!”

“I like the way that sounds…till next time.”

“Till next time…”

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Woman Women have always speculated  how/why men can be so detached from sex. How there can be no emotion Cylical Nature of Datinginvolved. Why a married, mutually vested, genuinely in love man would still cheat. The answer is because of “the Hunt”, and the blame falls equally on both sexes for the thrill in it. It is not known of how the process of courting/dating came as we see it today but what is known is it’s cyclical nature.

1) Woman attract men. Some by accentuating their features, others by broadening their interest to include things that are traditionally man oriented, among many things.

2) However woman do it, they do it to stand out from the other woman around them so that they can be “chosen”.

3) A man finds a woman attractive and begins showing interest in her. The woman yields to the man’s advances and they begin dating.

4) Because there is usually more than one suitor fighting for the courtship of both parties, there is a trial and observation period where both parties feel the other out and compare them to the other suitors available. This is the famed point of contention. What I have found is that women can be a little too heavy handed in the trials of this period.

5) This often causes men to lose sight of the supposed eventual goal of long term dating to focus more on beating out his competition. The more men have to chase, the less they focus on the supposed goal. In focusing more on the chase the man forgets that he is supposed to be vetting the woman, watching for things that he doesn’t like, or red flags.  I have also been a victim of this momentary lost of focus. We become so focused on surmounting the challenge that it becomes the new goal as opposed to long term dating. Now in women’s defense this vetting period is necessary, because everyone is not compatible. However, there is an infinitely fine line between proper vetting and playing hard to get. There is no sure fire way of knowing when you have crossed that line. Most times men don’t even realize that their focus has changed until after the fact.

6) The woman finally acquiesces to the man’s wishes. This is usually expressed in the act of sex. Mind you, if there were some other arbitrary  means by which men could claim “their kill” like a “I Finally Gothca” medal that women gave out as oppose to sex, then men would settle for that too. Again at this point it is not about dating, it is about “the Hunt”. If that medal really were a common practice, there would be men bragging about how many “Gotcha Medals” they bagged this year and all they went though to get them. Which goes the same for any other sport men compete in [to be honest I don’t know why woman haven’t made this realization on a broad scale before seeing as how sport and competitive nature are a really big part of man culture]. Having accomplished his new goal, the man can now refocus on his initial goal of vetting the woman for long term dating. But the woman has made her choice at this point. This man is who she want’s to be with. Unfortunately it is really easy for the relationship to loose spark at this point and man’s perspective changes significantly. Having already come to the end of one conquest, he is reluctant to start another. Personality traits that he may have ignored in a woman due to the engaging hunt are now blaring character flaws. The man is easily disinterested and distracted.

7) The woman is left alone after putting all her chips in and coming up short. And the cycle begins again.

The point I am trying to make is that if woman didn’t make men chase then there would be no chase. If there were no chase, then there is no excitement due to a chase. If there is no excitement then woman and men are free to choose someone they really want to be with long term, otherwise they would explicitly outline their intentions in the beginning.  Ya dig?

© Stephen R. Freshley and wordbending, 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of thismaterial without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Stephen R. Freshley and Word Bending a secret but not so secret blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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