Am I a good writer?

220px-The_Words_2012_Film_Poster     I saw a  good movie called “the Words” that shook me as writer. The movie is about a writer that is relentless in his pursuit of becoming a renowned fiction author. But the truth was that he just wasn’t good enough. The story line did not delve into why his writings were not good, it just established it as fact. He eventually stole someone’s novel, got it published, and won awards for it.

The whole thing made me question myself, and my own pursuits in writing. Like the main character of the aforementioned movie I too would like to be a renowned writer, but what person doesn’t want to be famous for what they believe they are good at? I have never attempted to submit my work to publishers or magazines. I self publish. I guess I always thought of myself as sub-par. If everyone pursued their interest as I have, then the first few rounds of “American Idol” would not be worth watching. The whole mess begs the question “Is the measuring rod of success in life notoriety”? I enjoy small success like comments on this site, in person well wbinfowishes from friends who are familiar with my work, and the regular visits from search engine users attempting to discover the meaning of “Good Pussy”. My girlfriend, along with other good friends, have been encouraging me to submit some of my work. I am contemplating the act. I just don’t know if I am ready for major league disappointment.

Artist are sensitive creatures. I know that a denial from a publisher does not mean I am horrible, but it is still a pretty big blow to the ego. I guess there is only one way to find out. I am resolving in myself, as I type this, that I will begin submitting articles to magazines.  But you all better be there for me if and when I turn in to a dejected ball of mess. Remember this was partially your idea!

Before I begin submitting though, I want an honest opinion. Am I a good writer? The only critiquing I’ve ever received was either from people who’s view I don’t think matters, or close friends. I’ve had a handful of people that I don’t know to stop through and leave brief comments on this site, but nothing ever in a “you should work on this….” manner. So now I am submitting myself to you, reader. Give me your opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Am I a good writer?

  1. I enjoy your writing style and how you talk directly to your audience as if you are amongst friends you see every day. I enjoy reading your blog and do so regularly. I thought this piece in particular was very honest and raw and if you can do that in a short blog post then yes you are a good writer. Your stats speak for themselves and you obviously have a passion. What all good writers should have – and you have this already!
    Ps I am going to watch the film you mention. It sounds v interesting.


  2. Way to be honest, Sir. Haven’t seen the movie, but understand where you’re going. As a fan, I enjoy your content on topics on things I find entertaining, interesting, or can relate to. As a critique, at times I find myself catching minor grammatical errors. It’s evident that you have talent, but it seems that you sometimes forget the little things (comma splices, grammatical tenses, proper spacing, that sort of thing). I think you shouldn’t forget to proofread your work, and not forget the fundamentals of writing. Your vocabulary alone make it evident that you have completed stents of higher education. This may seem elementary, but find a way to take an additional english class at a local community college or something (in class, not online). Brush up on the little things, because they will pay off exponentially.
    Keep doin’ ya thang!
    Also, I hear that self publication is the way to go. Just stay on your grind, and you wont have to worry about being a dejected ball of mess, or being in the big league. YOU ARE ALREADY PUBLISHED! Thousands of writers aren’t as far as you are, and you still have room to grow.
    Man, if your feelings were hurt by this, get over it. You’re doing great! Just keep doin’ ya thang, and always try to find ways to sharpen your craft.
    Think about it like this: Other than “anno domini” (lil religious shot fa ya) or after death, when were at least two times you know of that Bruce Lee stopped practicing or sharpening his craft? Don’t worry, I’ll wait… … …


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