White Easter vs Black Easter

easterKidsWithEasterBunnyPlease don’t be offended by the title. In groups you know you refer to us the same. Moving on, it was brought to my attention the other day that there exist yet another cultural divide between white people and black people. Apparently white people celebrate Easter like we all celebrate Christmas…with a fictional character that has absolutely nothing to do with the alleged meaning of the holiday, that comes in your house to randomly leave gifts  That fictional character is the damn Easter bunny. They even leave carrots out for the Easter bunny the night before. Word? 5649580089_36395d46ab_z

This totally blew my mind. You know black people are not going for this type of ritual only four months past Christmas. Some of us are still paying off the pay day loans and credit cards that we used up to buy our already spoiled children gifts that they didn’t need. Nope, what we get for Easter is a new suit, a temporary spot light at church, a picture with the local mall’s Easter Bunny, and a family meal similar to Thanksgiving.

Now religiously speaking the supposed reason that Christians gift each other on Christmas is because the three wise men brought jesus gifts at his birth. Then you sprinkle in an actual patriot saint St. Nicholas to make Santa Claus, add a dash of pagan ritual of trees and viola you got Christmas. So how do you explain this Easter gifting? You can’t really. It’s all a little far fetched. When you hunt it down there is some stuff about bunnies being symbols of fertility, another pagan ritual turned Christian, then you got some other stuff about an egg tradition…it gets weird. But Christians do it. And white Christian children get gifts twice a year. As an almost 30 year old black male, that grew up in the middle class, I feel slightly jealous and cheated. Isn’t that what we do as the black middle class, mimic upper class white people? Ah well. My daughter won’t be joining in these festivities. As a deist with atheist tendencies, I’m only going to pony up for one Christian gifting holiday a year.

There is no epiphany or moral to this story. I just thought other black people should know about the white phenomena that occur around them.

Check out this Easter morning spread that I lifted off of some white people’s Facebook page.

Photo 2013-04-03 12.47.32 PM Photo 2013-04-03 12.47.35 PM Photo 2013-04-03 12.47.38 PM

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