Wanna Be…


Excuse me Mr. Que Dog…

Diesel, in full paraphernalia, turned to meet the sound of a single voice representing a small gaggle of young girls. It was late afternoon on the campus of Fayetteville State University and Diesel had just arrived on the yard in search of a good hop session with his bruhz. Diesel was considered an old head. He didn’t get out much because of the grueling hours he worked at the National Information Technology Center, but he would hang and hop with the younger bruhz every chance he got.

Hey, how can I help you?

Well…we have a problem.


See, this guy we met today was really cool. After talking to him for a while he said that he was a Que Dog and that he wanted to party with us. We had never seen him in nalia but we’d seen him hanging around you guys before so we believed him. Long story short, we gave him $20 to get us some alcohol and we haven’t seen or heard from him since. Can you help us?

Hmmm…does he go to this school?

I think so…

What’s his name?

Well he told us his name was Trevor. We have a picture to. My friend Shelia is his friend on Facebook.

One of the girls from the back of the group pulled out her cell phone and proceeded to show Diesel his picture. Diesel stared at the picture for a while and wrote the guy’s name down on a small green notebook that he’d always kept with him. He could see that the girls were really dissapointed that they had been taken for their money and were just looking to have a little college fun.

Well ladies…I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I don’t actually go to this school. I just moved here from Florida a month or so ago and I just come here to hang with my Bruhz. The good news is that I am going to be able to help you out and I will make sure that you have a good time with the Ques tonight. Okay?

Excited, the group of girls responded “Okay…” in unison and shared a laugh. They all piled into Diesel’s SUV and drove away from the campus. As they were leaving one of the girl’s got nervous and decided to speak up.

Hey where are you taking us Mr. Que Dog? Girl we didn’t even ask his name we trippin!

Don’t worry, you’ll see…My name is Shevis, but everyone calls me Diesel. It’s nice to meet you all. What are your names?

The girls took turns introducing themselves one by one. All of them excited and attempting to outdo the other.

My name’s Kiana.

My name’s Tanisha.

My name’s Sherry, but everyone calls me Cherry.

My name’s Yanisha, folks can call me Yoni.

And I’m Tee Tee.

Yanisha spoke out after the introductions. She had taken the front seat in the SUV and seemed most intrigued by the happenings.

Hey why do they call you Diesel?

Well…because one night while I was online, all of my other line brothers were hurt and I had to take the punishments for them, but the entire night I never broke. So, the big brothers put extra pressure on us to try to brake me but I never did. After that night they would always joke that I ran like a “Diesel Truck” and the name has stuck ever since. What about you Yoni? Do you know what your name means?

Diesel peripherally glanced at Yanisha . She looked puzzled. She turned around to quietly consult with the other girls to see if she had missed something.

Ummm, no. I didn’t know my nick name had a meaning.

Well it does sweety. I will tell you about it later.

Their glances lingered momentarily and Yanisha couldn’t help but smile back. She had taken a liking to Diesel already; and he to her. They rode down the street to a local mini mall where he stopped at an ATM. Diesel hopped out of his truck and retrieved $100. As he was returning, loud “shhh’s” and “here he comes” could be heard over the low bass line of “I’m on One” by Drake playing in the SUV.

Alright ladies, here is your $20 back and here is another $20 to restore your faith in the real Greeks of the yard and the Ques. I know you guys are going to want to get ready for tonight so I will drop you back off on campus. Yoni, take my number down so you can call me when you all are ready to be picked up.

Yanisha took Diesel’s number down as he had instructed. As they rode back to campus the girls were chattering in whispers among themselves. Every so often Diesel would peek at them in his rearview mirror and exclaim “yall talking about me huh…” to which they would make a witty reply of sorts. After dropping the girls off Diesel hurriedly called his fraternity brothers to the frat house. It was several hours before they all arrived. The younger brothers were always suspicious of a fraternal “all call” because it usually meant that they were in trouble, or that an “Old Head” wanted to try to relive his passed prime by telling stories that had already been told several times over.

Once all of the brothers were together, Diesel briefed them on what had happened. One of the younger brothers immediately recognized the name and description of the imposter and began hunting him down through social media. In the meeting Diesel learned that since the beginning of the school year there had been an increase in imposters portraying all Greeks. The imposters were taking a toll on the campus’ Greek life and the student body had begun to distrust all Greeks.  The brothers decided that they had had enough and that some form of action needed to be taken. They began to table ideas on how to respond.

Let’s just go to his dorm room and beat him up…

No we can’t do that man. We’ll get suspended.

Let’s kidnap him in ski mask and tape him to the tree.

That idea is about as bad as the first one…

The brothers continued to table ideas and discuss the possible repercussions. In the middle of the discussion Diesel’s phone rang. It was Yanisha informing him that the girl’s were ready. Diesel interrupted the debating to announce the gathering to his brothers

Peace bruhz, peace bruhz. I forgot to tell you that those same girls wanted to get up with us tonight.

The mood of the room changed immediately. “What do they look like bruh?” one of the brothers exclaimed.

All 7’s and better. Where are we taking them though?

Being that Diesel was a visiting brother, he was not privy to all of the chapter’s secret locations around campus.  The roar of discussion erupted again as the brothers debated about where to take the girls to party.

Let’s take them to the “Well”.

Murmurs of agreement circulated the room as the brothers prepared to leave the frat house. As they were leaving a younger brother spoke out.

What about the wanna be?

Diesel’s face popped to life with his new idea.

He wants to be one of “the bruhz”… so let’s make him one. Invite him to the party…

The brothers all turned to Diesel with looks of confusion on their faces. Diesel laughed at them as he proceeded to explain.

See all we have to do is invite him after the girl’s arrive and….

The brothers laughed and joked as they arrived at the meeting place. Once there, the local brothers instructed Diesel to make the call to the girls.

Hey Diesel, where are you? We are ready to party!

I’m here on campus. Meet us at the Well.

You mean that old brick looking thing in the middle of the yard that yall painted purple and gold? I’ve heard stories about that place but I didn’t think they were true. I thought we were going to party at the frat house.

We ARE going to party. Just meet us there. You’ll see when you get here.

The girls walked across the campus to the well. The brothers greeted them cordially and began to chat with them. After several minutes the brothers gave the girls a short briefing about the location.

What you will see here today is a part of our fraternity’s age old secrets. You must never speak of what you see and what we do here. Do you understand?

The girls all gave each other a mixed look of excitement and caution but agreed to the terms. The brothers then joined hands in a circle around the well with the girl’s on the outside of it, making sure to keep their bodies close so as not to leave any room for the girls to see between them. They hummed a tune that was unrecognized by the girls as one of the brothers entered the middle of the circle. He approached the well and turned the head of it in fast revolutions. To any other person that may have approached the well and touched the head it would have appeared to just be lose. After a few seconds of turning the head made a loud clicking sound which could not be heard by the girls over the brothers humming. The girls gathered close together, frightened by the eerie humming and swaying of the brothers. The humming reached a fever pitch and the brothers now added lyrics to their tune.

The night draws nigh, the occasion at hand

Follow me to the place, of burning sands

The brothers singing reduced to a whisper. The brother from the middle of the circle reached his hand between the encircled brothers towards the girls and spoke in a barely audible whisper “Follow me, for the time is now”. Frightened, Yanisha looked over to Diesel as he was singing and swaying with the other brothers. He gave her a reassuring nod and she placed her hand into that of the encircled brother. He pulled her into the circle and the brothers parted as the ladies followed Yoni. There was now a dark gapping square hole where the well was. The once encircled brother lit a torch in the hole and led the girls down a now visible expansive stone stair case. Once at the bottom the brothers ceased to sing. The sound of concrete moving over concrete echoed down the stair case as one of the brothers moved the well back into its place from beneath. The group stood in darkness and the girls huddled together in complete fear.

A loud click startled the girls and the whirring of machines could be heard off in the distance. Florescent lights overhead began to flicker on, illuminating a lavishly furnished, up to date, game room. Diesel was just as confused as the girls were.

Man yall got it laid in here.

Yea, this used to be a secret meeting area for this area’s Masonic lodge back when the school was first founded. Eventually they moved on to bigger and better things. One of the bruhz that was also a Mason convinced the area lodge to pass it down to the Bruhz and it’s been in our chapter ever since.

Cool, we have a secret room about this size in the library at the school I pledged at with similar history, but it’s nothing like this.

The girls wasted no time living it up in the secret room. They first made their way to the room length bar across the back wall. They took turns playing bartender and mixing drinks for each other. Diesel made a bee line to the pool table. The other bruhz passed out beers to everyone and lounged in the plush purple and gold furniture. After about an hour and a half and many drinks among the group, Yanisha had consumed enough liquid courage to flirt with Diesel without being nervous. She sashayed over to him as he was finishing a game of pool.

So…you never told me what my nick name means.

Diesel placed his pool stick on the wall rack and sat down at the bar next to Yanisha. He moved in inches from her face with his and spoke to her in a deep and sultry voice.

You sure you want to know what it means?


Diesel pressed his check against hers as he slid his hand slowly up her inner thigh. He spoke directly into her ear as softly as possible. He was so close that his lips grazed her lobes every other word. Yanisha was loving it. The room seemed to melt away for her as she let Diesel’s hand inch further and further up her thigh. He was asking her questions, but she could barely speak.

Have you ever heard of Tantra?


Have you ever heard of the Kama Sutra?

Mmmmmm hmmmm…

Yanisha closed her eyes as Diesel’s hand finally met the wetness under her skirt. He skillfully moved her underwear to the side as to massage her clitoris and place his fingers inside of her. Yanisha repositioned herself on the bar stool to better accommodate Diesel’s roaming hand. She thrust her pelvis forward to plunge his finger’s deeper into her.

Well…in Kama Sutra the name for a penis is Lingham; and the name for a pussy is Yoni.

The word seemed to echo deep into Yanisha’s mind causing her to snap to from of her blissful state.

Wait…so people have been calling me a pussy my whole life?!?!

Yanisha made her statement louder than she’d expected. The room erupted in laughter. Everyone was now paired off into couples and the other girls had been enjoying their own “special attention” from the brothers. Just as everyone was about to return to their company an amber light began to flash in the corner of the room.

He’s here.

One of the brothers sped over to a door near the stairs they’d use to enter the room. He opened it to reveal a state of the art video surveillance system. The imposter could be seen lingering around the well. Three of the brothers proceeded up the stairs and returned shortly after with the imposter. All of the brothers welcomed him with pleasantries and greetings as he came into the room.

Man… this is nice.

What are you talking about Trevor. You come down here all the time man.

As Trevor looked around the room he recognized the girls that he’d stolen the money from. He immediately began to panic. He tried his best to back his way out of the room but one of the brothers had him gripped tightly in a shoulder hug. The brothers led him to the bar and offered him a drink. Diesel provided the ladies with an answer to the question that was written on the ladies faces.

Ladies, Trevor didn’t mean to run off with you all’s money. He got caught up in some urgent frat business. See, I didn’t know that he’d already called one of the other bruhz and told them to go buy you a bottle. There was a slight miscommunication and the deed was never completed. All is forgiven, right ladies?

The girls agreed. Trevor, now a nervous wreck, drank everything the brothers offered him. He knew that the night would not end well for him. Everyone went back to mingling and Trevor began to relax. He began to work the room, and even joined in on one of the steps that the girl’s requested. As the night came to a close it appeared that Trevor was going to be ok. Everyone gathered their things to leave. Trevor was the first to head towards the steps but was stopped abruptly by the brothers.

Hey Trev, where are you going? You know how we do. Wood in, wood out.

He turned confused, but desperate to save his image in front of the girls, played along. The brothers lined up and began paddling each other. Each brother taking turns giving the other 11 swings per brother, totaling 66.  They seemed un-phased, and some of the brothers even laughed as the others swung as hard as they could. The girls watched in awe. Trevor was at the back of the line. The knot in his throat grew tighter as each brother completed their 66 strokes with ease, and his turn came closer.

Finally it was Trevor’s turn. He reasoned with himself that it couldn’t be that bad if everyone else completed the task with such ease. Against his better judgment, he assumed the position as all the other brothers did; knees bent with his left hand resting on his left thigh and his right fist extended forward, head held high.  Two brothers joined Trevor by his side, one holding his neck and back, the other his leg and arm in place.

“We know it has ‘been a while’ for you Trevor so we just wanted to help you out a little
The brothers all shared a glance and a laugh as another brother tore into Trevor with all his might. The paddle colliding with Trevor’s back side made a resounding, high pitched “whap” that echoed throughout the room. His paddling sounded different from when the brothers were paddling each other. Their paddling had made a low and muted thud. Trevor winced and cried aloud as he attempted to break his position but the brothers held him firmly in place. With each strike Trevor yelled and cried harder. The brothers took their time, each trying different techniques to maximize the amount of pain Trevor received. 11 strokes into the ordeal, Trevor cried out to the brothers.

Okay, Okay…I’m sorry I’m sorry! I will never impersonate a Que Dog ever again! I promise! I will give the girls their money back. Just Please…please just let me go.

The girls turned to one another puzzled. The Bruhz all shared a hardy laugh as Diesel approached Trevor still being held in position. He squatted to meet the eyes of the crying imposter as he spoke sternly.

What are you talking about Trevor? You are one of us! We do this all the time…remember?

The brothers shared yet another laugh as one of them threw Diesel the paddle. He got into position and reared back to begin his set of strokes.



© Stephen R. Freshley and wordbending, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this
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