Por Detras


Esteban and Mimi were enjoying each other’s company under the bright summer moon. They spoke of nothings while gazing deep into each other’s eyes, childishly flirting as the world passed them by.  They had been dating for a few weeks now and their “like” for each other was progressing into a puppy love. In the midst of their conversation, Mimi’s phone rang:


Esta en casa?

Yea…I’m here.

I’m on the way.


 Mimi turned back to her company as if the call had not happened. Moments later Mimi’s ex-boyfriend drove up inches away from them; the lights on his Mercedes truck blinding the two. He hurriedly hopped out of the vehicle and retrieved a baby from the back passenger’s door.


Take the baby in the house. Ain’t that where you got her from?

Here girl!

I said take her in the house! Give her to my aunt, she’s in there.

Stupid Punta take this baby!

Mimi took the child from him and began walking up the hill in her driveway to the door. The man gave Estaban a side glance, sizing him up. He parted his lips as if he wanted to say something but nothing came out. The man casually strolled up the driveway just as Mimi was closing the door behind herself. Estaban sat on the trunk of his car, waiting patiently for the awkward scene to end. He had thought to go in behind them both but thought it best not to dabble too deep in Mimi’s business without her request. Several minutes went by and just as Estaban had begun to get antsy, the man came out of the front door. Just as casually as he had strolled up the driveway, he strolled back to his vehicle and sped off. Seconds later Mimi appeared at the door beckoning Estaban to come inside. Once inside, Estban could immediately see that something had happened between the two.

What happened?

He choked me…

You mean… Diago? Who just left?


Why didn’t you yell for help? Why didn’t you tell me to stop him before he left? I was right there!?!?

I didn’t want to involve you in my mess baby.

But I was right there…

Mimi collapsed into Estaban’s arms in tears. The baby was crying loudly and Mimi’s aunt was nowhere to be found. He held her as tight as he could as a few tears of his own ran down his face. Estaban pulled loose from Mimi as he stormed towards the door.

I will be back…

Wait! Where are you going?

I’m going to get him! What do you mean?



He’s not worth it Estaban. He will get his…

I know…cuz I am going to give it to him!

Please, No.

Eiiiyee yaaa yaa…well what should I do?


Really? Nada absoluto?


Esta loca! You are just going to let him put his hands on you like that?

He…he just gets angry sometimes. He’s angry that I am with you now.

So… that means he can beat you until he feels better? It’s not going down like that chica

Mimi pulled Estaban’s arm as hard as she could as he stormed towards the door.

Just stay here with me. I promise it won’t happen again.

Estaban stopped. He turned to her and held her again as she sobbed in his chest. After hours of discussion the two finally came to a resolution.

Estaban I know you want to go after him but I have to handle this on my own. I want to start a new life and get away from all this mess. I promise I will get my people to handle it. Dieago will regret the day he ever laid a hand on me!

Well you do that…

But you have to promise me you won’t do anything. Look me in the eyes…

Mimi grabbed Estaban by his jaw and pulled his face close as she stared him in the eyes.


I promise…

Estaban leaned in and kissed her on the lips before leaving. Mimi watched him as he walked down the street back to his apartment. As soon as Estaban was out of her eye sight he pulled his phone from his pocket and began dialing.

Aye Paco…Que paso…

A week had passed since the incident. Mimi and Estaban returned to their puppy love and everything was right within their world. Neither of the two had spoken of the incident since.  This day was calm. Estaban had had a good day at work. Mimi had cooked him his favorite meal and the baby had not been fussy. The couple was in bed for the night when the buzzing of Mimi’s phone awoke Estaban. He rolled over to see the name and picture of Mimi’s former attacker. His face now displayed a sinister grin. He answered the call and immediately thought against it. Before he could lay back down a text came in from the same number.

“smh…stupid bitch”

Estaban was infuriated. He crept out of bed and hatched his plan that he’d made the week prior. He texted Diago from Mimi’s phone.

Where are you?

I’m on the way to see my daughter. Are you home or are you under that other mutha fucka?

Don’t worry about him. Yea I’m home. I wanted to talk to you anyway

About what?


For real?


I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.

Estaban laughed to himself as he made his way out of the door with Mimi’s phone. She was sound asleep. He placed a call to his friend.

Paco…bring that shit. Vamos

Dieago arrived at Mimi’s house. He wore a wide smile and held a handful of flowers out in front of him as he made his way up the hill to Mimi’s door. He knocked and did not receive an answer. He knocked again repeatedly to no avail. He put the flowers down in front of the door as he turned back towards his vehicle to call Mimi. As the call went through he could hear Mimi’s phone ringing off in the distance. He stepped towards the sound of the ringing coming from the bushes on the side of the porch. He stared at her phone bewildered as he picked it up off the porch ledge. Just as he quieted the phone’s ringer he heard a man’s voice behind him.

Awwww, are those for me?

Before he could fully turn a sharp pain shot from his neck through to his opposite arm. Diago yelped as he watched the ground come towards him fast. His limbs betrayed him and he fell with a loud thud.

Dieago came to sometime later with Estaban and Paco standing over him laughing. They were discussing the pros and cons of the stun gun Estaban had used on him.

See I told you it would work

I didn’t know they packed that much punch man.

Yea he did hit the ground kind of hard Ha hah haha hha

Let me see that…

 Paco looked over the stun gun as he popped it several times. The popping frightened Dieago and he immediately tried to jump to his feet. His attempt was met with a swift kick to the stomach. More laughter followed. Dieago, still stunned and out of it, began to groan loudly and roll over the ground in pain.


What? What was that?

Diago could barely utter the words as he was still recovering from the kick.


His words were met with yet another kick. Diago sprawled out over the lawn defeated. His face was now mushed into the ground by the heaviness of his own weight.

We know that already genius, but that’s not the point. You can’t just put your hands on somebody, especially my woman, and get away with it! That shit comes back to you. Kharma takes too long for me though…I’d rather take matters into my own hands.

Paco and Estaban tied Diago’s hands and feet together and carried him into Mimi’s. Once inside they sat him down on the sofa and sat across from him. Diago began to come to. He was conscious enough to hear that Paco had called someone else to the house. He began to panic but there was no way for him to escape. He kept silent and stayed still hoping that the two would let him go. He bowed his head and began to pray. Estaban noticed Diago praying and went to him. He reared back and came across his face with the back of his hand as hard as he could.

Ha! You weren’t praying to God while you were choking my lady so why pray now? You Christians kill me. You fuck something up and then ask your God to save you from your punishment. Not today essa. I AM your God right now! You pray to ME for mercy!

Before Estaban returned to his seat a knock came at the door. Paco and Estaban met eyes and laughed. Estaban slowly made his way over to the door as he began his speech to Diago.

Let me introduce you to your new God. This God is a woman and her wrath is of biblical proportions. Her name is Mary…

Estaban opened the door and a stocky, light skinned woman bopped into the living room. Mary could be described as butch. She suppressed her feminine attributes and made every attempt to appear as manly as possible. She had grown up with Paco and Estaban and the three were very close friends. Estaban dapped Mary as she passed him in the doorway. Her eyes lit up as they discovered the beaten Diago.

So this is him?


He’s pretty. This is going to be great. Hey…I heard you like to put your hands on women!

Diago lifted his head to meet Mary’s eyes. He dared not utter a word. Mary sat down on the couch next to him.

Awww it’s ok baby. I’ll be gentle.

She kissed him on the cheek and walked into the next room.

Hey, get him ready!

Paco and Estaban laughed uncontrollably as they cut Diago’s clothes off.

Are you gonna watch them?

Hell no! I don’t want to see that shit.

I don’t want to see that shit either.

Diago began to flail.

Hey, calm down before we have to zap you again.

Paco retrieved the stun gun from his pocket and popped it just inches away from Diago’s face. He stopped moving and began to cry. They carried the now naked Diago into the room where Mary was waiting. They threw him across the bed and doubled over in laughter at Mary. She was standing in the middle of the room naked with the exception of a 12” long pink, strap on dangling from her pelvis.

Aye… I can’t take it. This is too funny.

What? This is a new one. I figured I’d try it out on him. I forgot my lube though…

Paco and Estaban staggered out of the room in laughter as Mary positioned herself behind Diago. Diago’s tears were now flowing freely as he felt the tip of the pink strap on knock at his back door. Mary spread his cheeks and spit on the tip her extension.

Wooooo! No hay nada mejor que el culo, pero culo nuevo.

© Stephen R. Freshley and wordbending, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this
material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Stephen R. Freshley and Word Bending a secret but not so secret blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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