My Divergence from Christianity Pt.2

I’d originally planned on making the sequel of my first article on religion a long and detailed list of biblical disproofs, challenging anecdotes, and ending it by making a call for everyone to leave organized religions all together. I’d already had the first third of it written. But, what I have realized since my own enlightenment [if you will]  is that people believe what they want to believe. Tupac and Micheal Jackson have been dead for years but some people strongly assert that they are alive, that there is plenty of evidence to prove so, and laugh at those who do not believe. The same goes for religious beliefs. The truth is that there is plenty of evidence on both sides of the argument and that my opinion is not going to make a hill of beans for either argument. Some of us need something to believe in. We need to have that cushion, that comfort knowing that there is a purpose in what we experience. Some of us are comforted in believing that someone else is pulling the strings and calling the shots. Some of us aren’t. Some of us don’t need motivation to be good people. Some of us don’t need a set list of morals to act morally. Some of us don’t need an antagonist [devil, anti-God] to scare us into doing what is right.

What I have decided to do in place of attempting to disprove big chunks of the bible is give you the questions that I came across during my divergence from Christianity and let you find your own answers. Then I will delineate what I do believe down to nth degree.

Christian Questions:

  1. How is Christianity different from other practiced religions of it’s era?
  2. What do Jesus, Horus, Mithra, Krishna, Bhudda, and Prometheus have in common? Of these religious figures, which one appeared in human history first?
  3.  What are the similarities between Egyptian Sun worship and Christianity? What are the differences?
  4. How were the books of the bible discovered?
  5. Who chose which books would be compiled into the bible? What was the first “version” of the bible?
  6. What is the definition of “The Word of God”? How much of the bible is the actual “Word of God”?
  7. In practice, what does “God” command of his people?
  8. Who wrote Genesis and why?
  9. What is the “Forbidden Fruit”? Why is it depicted as an apple in portraits?
  10. What is Jesus’ name?

These are just baseline questions. I didn’t get into any of the abstract questions like “Did Jesus ever write or direct someone to write anything in regards to faith?” or “Why is is that the actual written bible came along so late in man’s history if ‘In the beginning was the word…’.”, or my favorite “If God is all knowing, all seeing, etc. then why does he exact wrath or even have emotions?” I figured you’d get into your own abstract questions once you explore Christianity at it’s core.

What I believe…

What I know for sure is that no one knows for sure where we come from and where we are going [definitively speaking]. Religion[s] is just a guess. I believe in “Intelligent Design”. Meaning that man [himself] did not design man [same goes for everything in the universe]. Everything comes from something else. Intelligent Design is a “head nod” to a higher understanding/power. I believe that if “God” wanted me to practice religion he would have set it fourth in plain and undeniable terms for all like he did the sun. I can’t debate the existence of the sun. It rises and shines on the entire earth alike. Science backs it. Religions acknowledge it. There has never been any debate about it’s shape or the effects of it [which is incidentally why some ancient cultures worshiped it]. So in my mind I say “if God can give us the sun in this manner, why wouldn’t he do the same for his religion”.  There are too many unknowns and too much ambiguity in modern religion. I believe that everything we need was already given to us. We are encoded with guilt and pleasure for a reason. Hell even animals know pleasure and pain. You know when you are wrong because it feels wrong. Whether or not you are in tune enough to acknowledge it is a different matter. I don’t need a doctrine, religion, or a book to tell me that. I do right because it is right period. No other motivation. I live up to my own standards. I’d always like to do better, therefore I make it my goal to do so. To me it’s just that simple…

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2 thoughts on “My Divergence from Christianity Pt.2

  1. Cool article. YouTube vid was funny. But to the haze…. Since you are a believer in Intelligent Design, I have to ask “if you were made intelligently, then why are you encoded to only have the ability to live on 25% of the planet you inhabit?”


    1. Well I am going to assume that you are saying that evolution is the most feasible answer, but it still does not answer the question that you possed. There is no theory that explains all that hasall the answers that I know of, that is whyI choose to at least acknowledge intelligent design. Intelligent design accounts for pretty much all the things that we cant explain without specifying a deity.


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