Damsels and Death Threats

Over the last month I have received two death threats/threats of bodily harm from female’s ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands because they have suspected me of being with “their” ladies. Since when did the rules of the “Game” go out the window? When I was given the “Game” the first rule was “Don’t hate the player, hate the Game”. I am pretty sure this still holds true. The interpretation of this statement as adapted to my situation[s] says “if your lady is stepping out on you, check your lady. Not the guy she is stepping out with.” I want to cover a few [not all] points on the “Game” since its seems to have been lost on a few of our brothers out there:

  1. You Do Not Own Your Lady.

This is the point that I want to stress the most. Your lady, girl, boo, whatever is going to do what she want’s to do; especially if you are trying to control her. True power is in persuasion not force; meaning you shouldn’t have to keep tabs on her Facebook page, phone, e-mail, etc. If you are treating your lady like a lady then she will be in place. Other wise she will be on me, or someone like me. Trying to force her to love you, be with you, or even be faithful is a fail. Once a relationship of any sort between a man and a women comes to force then it is time to let it go. Control by force ensures eventual rebellion.  What seems to be the new trend among these older guys, that should know the game better than I do, is for them to lash out and misplace their anger. If your lady is out of pocket then that is on you, and no one else but you.

Let’s tell a story, not too long ago in the near past I went to a “friend” of mine’s house. This “friend” was a female that I used to get down with and if I offered or she offers it could still go down. We will call her “X”. There was a good female friend of “X”‘s visiting while I was there. We will call her “Y”. Now off the cuff “Y” was giving me bedroom eyes. I noticed but didn’t pay it much mind. It happens. Just because someone is giving you bedroom eyes doesn’t mean they want to take you to the bedroom. “Y” and I chatted throughout the night while drinking and smoking. She made her intentions plain when she reached up my shorts and grabbed my manhood. Prior to this, I had not pushed up on her. Mild flirting is all I may have been guilty of, at best. From that point on, game was on. Surprisingly, even after this bold gesture of hers I was still nonchalant about getting with her, and she was playing coy. Anyone female that knows me knows, when it comes to this dick either you want it or you don’t. I don’t play games or beat around the bush. That being said when the hour became late and she hadn’t made any other moves I was headed home, but every time I got ready to leave she was asking me to stay. So, I obliged the lady. Long story short, she eventually left with me. When we got to my house she jumped in my bed. Even then I was a gentleman. I told her I’d like to get to know her and asked if she had any questions for me. She in turn said to me “Yea I have a question for you…do yo have any magnums?” Enough said. The eventuality of the whole thing was her boo, baby daddy, man, whatever he calls himself called me with death threats [The video at the beginning. she obviously is slipping on her pimpin’]. He and I had a conversation and I tried to give him the game but he wouldn’t listen.


Now I told this story to make the point that it wasn’t me that pursued her, she pursued me. Don’t get it wrong, I am very attracted to her and would like to spend more time with her but that night, it could have gone either way and I would have been fine. If you, as a man, are not taking care of business then she will find a businessman. No amount of force, spying, or even the laying of hands will keep her from being happy. Which brings me to my next point.

2.     Stay Up

I can’t stress this point enough. “Pimpin is pimpin and the game done changed.” Long gone are the days of women wanting a forceful man [except for your exceptions here and there]. Women have rights now. Most of the modern day women are doing “it” bigger and better than men are.  So that means women only need one thing from us, to make them feel good. They want a man to “treat her right, if only for one night”. Because the media has skewed most people’s mindsets and mentalities, the formally  sought after “Renaissance Men”, like myself, have become a rarity and by the laws of supply and demand, that which is short on supply is in high demand.

In the medical, law, and other licensed fields of practice there exist “Continuing Education Courses”. It is mandatory that these courses be completed by the holder of said license to stay certified. This happens because things change and in order to keep up with change one must educate themselves.  The same concept applies to the “Game”. You can’t step out into the world with an expired “Player’s Card” or else a young thunder cat like me will embarrass you.This type of stuff is unacceptable.

Stay up.

3.     Let Her Go

I won’t dwell on this point because it is not much to be said. If you lose a team player, let her go.If you have arrived at the place where you are trying to fend other guys off of your lady then she is already long gone. Fighting for her is not going to help. Let her go, unless you want to spend the rest of your life unsettled and chasing after a woman that doesn’t want you, If you are really bringing something to the table, then she will eat. If it’s one thing that I have learned, it’s that woman will forever come back to a good man.

4.       Manage Your Team

Another brother has done a wonderful job of defining and giving guidance on team management so I will let him take it from here. Fellows, keep your game tight so you won’t even have to worry about these things.  If you are one of those guys who is just seeking guidance on trying to find out if your lady is cheating, I have provided that knowledge too.


© Stephen R. Freshley and wordbending, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this
material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Stephen R. Freshley and Word Bending a secret but not so secret blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

4 thoughts on “Damsels and Death Threats

  1. Quote of the day for all leaders of men: “Control by force ensures eventual rebellion.” ~ S. Freshey.
    LMMFAO @ the expired player’s card, young thunder cat.
    Documented “yo girl chose me” convo + internet social media embarrassment = epic fail.


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