So I was derping around the internet as I do the other day and I happened upon an article with the title “No sex necessary: Woman have orgasms at the gym, study shows”. Of course I was all over this. Apparently woman have the ability to orgasm by working out their core,without any other stimulation, hence the term “Coregasm” [Instantly jealous]. This is the first time in my history that I have ever wished I had a vagina. I had a million thoughts running through my head “You mean to tell me that woman don’t have to masturbate or have sex and they can still catch a full on orgasm?”, “Do you know how packed the gym would be if this were true for guys too?”, “Do you know how many guys are going to go out and get a gym membership, just to sit around and watch for this stuff…”. I had to confirm with some females that I knew. Sure enough after I started asking around, a few of my female friends confirmed that they have experienced a “coregasm” and that it was a regular thing. One of my friends said that she cant really do leg workouts because of it. Another one said she caught a full on “coregasm” from using an ab roller. WOW! I have exhausted myself many a day in exercise and never, not even once, came close to orgasming because of it. Ladies, that’s a hell of an incentive to work out on a regular basis.Now that this information is confirmed true and out in the wild it begs of the question “Why don’t more women work out?”.

Anyway, while we are on the topic, I also stumbled upon a very interesting video involving work out equipment [watch the video before continuing]

Man…again I was all over this. Who knew that a yoga ball could go HAM like this? While I had no immediate plans to go out and try this, a “friend” of mine came through the other day and surprised me with, yep you guessed it, a yoga ball. So we put it to the test. Let me tell you, if you don’t have a yoga ball in your bed room like yesterday, you are missing out. The African power squat thrust —————————————–>

is the business. The science behind it all is ingenious. Less energy is expended by the male thrusting due to the vector angle and decrease in resistance, increasing the efficiency and power per thrust. Basically less work for more output. Definitely check this out.

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2 thoughts on “Coregasms

  1. Women are lucky for this… Now we know the reason for women making sexy grunts in the gym lol. I would pass on the orgasm at the gym on the fact that I don’t want the weights to fall on me. One thing I noticed was when you work on your glutes, that it increases your sexual potency. You feel like you popped a Viagra pill or something after working out. And it’s kind of intuitive because many glute exercises are like you are working on your stroke if you perform them correctly. There are some not so manly glute exercises although they are very effective. Try if you dare… Its kinda uncomfortable in the beginning because your butt be jumping like you a tip drill after workouts lmao


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