Kangaroo Booty

In addition to the Nigerdom going down on WorldStarHipHop.com that I addressed in “Really Niggas?” there is another internet video craze that everyone might not be familiar with. I have named it the “Twirk Team Revolution”. It started maybe 2 or 3 years ago, when a few young [some underage even] females started posting videos of themselves dancing provocatively on youtube. These young girls [who obviously have daddy issues and are on the accelerated track to becoming professional strippers/prostitutes] received thousands of views, comments, and hits, which in turn made everyone else want to try their hand in youtube stardom [monkey see, monkey do 0_o]. The attention that is gained from these videos is obviously feeling a void of love and acceptance that these young ladies are not getting from home [where they should be getting it]. A handful of them [Ha! A handful of twirk], like the “Twerk Team” [who are actually available for booking] and the girls from the T-Pain video “Booty Wurk” [who made it into the official video because their twirk video to the aforementioned  song received so much attention that T- pain thought it best to go ahead and include them to avoid potentially being out done] have turned their new found fame into profitable ventures.  In days and sometimes even hours videos like these and others can become “viral“. There does not seem to be any negative repercussions  for these young ladies as of yet [aside from being recognized from a video in church I guess]. Again I am totally disgusted and appalled at the glamorization of the degradation and auto-exploitation of our black girls and women [on my Jesse Jackson tip]. I warn fathers that have young daughters to hide their camcorders and hide them well. Welp… now that that is out of the way let’s contradict everything I just stood for a gawk at these lovely asses!

I was on Facebook yesterday and I noticed this video in my news feed a few times. I opened it and man…when I tell you I had never in the history of twirking seen an ass move like that. Good God!!! Of course I shared it on my page and couldn’t wait to put my best friend at work up on it. I showed him the video and he in turn asked if I had seen this video. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…the chic was making her ass bounce so much that I loudly exclaimed [at work mind you] “look at that thang jump…”. My “always punctual with a joke” best friend then said “she got that kangaroo booty!” We doubled over in laughter. He mindlessly and unintentionally coined a new level of twirking. I can see niggas in the strip club now:

*dancer approaches a customer walking as hard as she can. Once in front of him she turns and starts to roll her body as she introduces herself and services*

Dancer: How you doing ta-night boo…you wanna dance daddy?

*the customer, mid sip from his Heineken bottle, eyes the dancer in disdain. The dancer sits in his lap as he begins to place his bottle on the round chest level table that his elbow rest on to his immediate right. He looks the dancer up and down as he makes a loud sucking noise with his teeth*

Customer: Nawl lil ma ma. I’m good, me and the “Get Dough All Day” clique only fucking with the best. But you know what you can do…you can go tell lil shawty [in my head this is happening in Atlanta] over dare to come get paid. She got that Kangaroo Booty. We tryin na see dat ass hop all over tha place…

Ahhh classic.

Now, just like any fad, trend, or “in” thing there are good sides and bad sides. These are the bad ones…

watch them if you dare…you probably shouldn’t but I know you will anyway because I did and this shit is so so so so so so so sad. But by the same right it is rolling on the floor funny.

Ices Brown does Ciera “Ride”       I don’t know what the hell to call this shit…     and this…

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