Drinks that I have made up that you should try.

As a bartender I get tired of hearing request for and making “Blue Motorcycles”, “Screw Drivers” or “Sex on the Beach”. You are limiting your alcoholic potential people.  When I bar tend I try not to make anything people have already heard of. Most times when people approach the bar [especially women] they have no idea what they want to drink. They just want “something good”.  So… I take that opportunity to concoct something that I have invented and every single time they walk away and come back with 2 or 3 other people asking “what was that you made?” and “Can you make 2 more for my friends?”. A good bar tender makes a drink exactly how you like it…A great bartender makes you want more of something you have never had. That being said here are  the recipes to a few of my favorite concoctions:

Diddy Bop

very light and bubbly. a great “starters” drink.

In a half glass of ice pour 2 parts Ciroc, with  2 parts any flavor shcnapps, and one part Sierra mist (do not substitute with Sprite!! It does not come out the same or taste the same at all) Shake Vigorously and serve.

Black Rapist

Heavy and strong, it will get you fucked up fast

In a full[bar] glass of ice pour 3 parts Hennessy, splash a brandy on top, and pour Coca-Cola to fill in the rest. Once the Coca-Cola fizzes down pour as much red grenadine into the middle of the drink as possible without over flowing the drink. Serve “as is” for effect, then instruct the drinker to stir as needed.

The Morning After…

A light wine mix, definitely a “sneaker” as in if you aren’t careful you will be drunk before you know it

In a wine glass pour  2 parts Sutter Home’s “Sweet Red” on top of 3 parts Moscato. Serve and wait for it…

Mount n’ Dew me

a starter drink, something for someone that doesn’t really want to “drink” but doesn’t want to be the odd one out either

In a half glass of ice pour 2 parts Shiraz wine on top of 3 parts Mountain Dew. Serve.

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