100 Dishes


Recently, an Atlanta based Newspaper called “Creative Loafing” published a “Bucket List” of Atlanta eatery dishes. It seemed like just the thing I could tackle. Especially since a lot of the restaurants are in my neighborhood. During this summer I will be eating and reviewing at least one dish a week from this list. I hope you enjoy. Click on the picture of the food to read the review. One word about the list before we move on. As a commenter on Creative Loafing’s online site pointed out in reference to the list “No love for Mary Mac’s Turkey and Dressing and Sweet Potato souffle…”. Any real Atlantien will tell you that Mary Mac’s has some of the best food in the nation, probably the world! I know I’d recommend that place to space aliens as a great example of soul food. Oddly enough, Waffle House’s “Pecan Waffle” made the list instead. I’ve had a pecan waffle at Waffle House. Hell, Waffle House was my first job ever so I have made many-a pecan waffle. It’s good but it in no way shape or form comes close to what Mary Mac’s offers. This seemingly intentional over site of Mary Mac’s reeks of a personal grudge. But I digress…Here is the link to the list and again enjoy 🙂

2011 List


Total spent so far (for 1 of each): $44.66

2013 List


Total Spent so far (for 1 of each): $68.50

P.S. Big Thanks to Mr. Michael Karamat for lending his content to Wordbending to help complete the list.

Photo 2013-04-17 07.35.30 PMPhoto 2013-04-18 10.52.18 AMPhoto 2013-04-19 10.12.53 AMPhoto 2013-04-21 08.26.39 AMPhoto 2013-04-19 10.13.30 AMPhoto 2013-04-22 11.09.33 PMbocado burger2012-08-20_11-48-32_844Photo 2013-05-05 08.00.18 AM417937_791418953745_1684354005_ncover_seafood5-1_52_Online_JC

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